Tuya Floodlight PTZ 3MP WiFi Outdoor Security Camera
Tuya Floodlight PTZ 3MP WiFi Outdoor Security Camera

Tuya Outdoor Surveillance Camera, Outdoor PTZ Projector Camera 3MP WiFi IP Auto Tracking Dome Color Projector Night Vision Two Way Audio Cloud Storage MicroSD 4x Digital Zoom IP66 Waterproof

Infrared / color night vision

The network camera is equipped with two projectors with warm colors that can present intelligent night vision effects. 20 built-in infrared lights can automatically detect and illuminate moving objects.

360 degree panoramic view

The flashlight camera supports 350° horizontal rotation and 90° vertical rotation. As long as the camera is installed, you can control the camera via the "Tuya Smart" app and then know where to look.

3 MP Full HD Resolution

The outdoor security cameras can provide more clear and vivid 3MP video so that you can clearly see your home, office and business day and night.

Two-way audio

Built-in high sensitivity microphone and speaker, improved noise canceling technology, clear calls with family or guests anytime and anywhere.

automatic tracking

Once the automatic motion tracking function is activated, the outdoor surveillance camera will move with the movement of people and send alert notifications via the app.

4x Zoom

Press and hold the zoom icon to zoom in to see more detailed information about distant objects without affecting image quality, or zoom out for a larger view.

Tuya Floodlight PTZ 3MP WiFi Outdoor Security Camera
Tuya Floodlight PTZ 3MP WiFi Outdoor Security Camera

  • Intelligent Viewer & 3 Night Vision Modes] The outdoor surveillance camera is equipped with warm colored lights, which can provide intelligent night vision effects in color, intelligent mode, infrared mode, color mode, and the standard mode is intelligent mode. Intelligent mode: do not turn on the lights during the day and turn on the lights at night when people are lit. Infrared mode: black and white image, the LED is off. Color mode: LED always at night, day and night to see colors.
  • [3MP Full HD & 360° Pan / Tilt] The 3MP PTZ outdoor camera transmits images in real time with fast focusing speed that can provide very sharp images. Rotate 350 degrees horizontally and 90 degrees vertically. The phone can control the tilt angle of the rotation and see the direction you want. When the camera is connected to the power adapter, you can be monitored day and night around the clock.
  • [Automatic Two-Way Audio Tracking] Smart camera, built-in highly sensitive speaker and microphone, easily pick up ambient noise and achieve unobstructed communication with people in the park during real-time preview. Set the dome camera's automatic monitoring function according to your needs. When the automatic tracking function is activated, the camera follows and detects moving people. and send a warning message.
  • [IP66 Waterproof & 4.0x Digital Zoom] The IP66 waterproof protection class makes the projector camera very suitable for outdoor use, in the rain or in the sunlight. 4x digital zoom, you can easily switch from 1.0x zoom to 4.0x zoom in the app. The app supports IOS and Android, so don't worry about adapting it to mobile phones. SD card and paid cloud storage are also available. You can choose one to register. Support 2.4G WiFi, plug and play, easy to configure. It only supports 2.4GHz WiFi, not 5GHz WiFi.
  • [Easy to Install and Aftermarket] The camera rear bracket is equipped with a liquid stabilizer to ensure that the camera is installed horizontally. A wireless camera does not mean that you can use the camera without a power cord. Wireless means there is a WiFi connection. The camera is equipped with accessories for quick and easy installation. If you have any problems while using the camera, please contact us, we will reply you as soon as possible and help you solve it.

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