VidaTeco 14-Sheet Cross-Cut Shredder with US Patented Cutter
VidaTeco 14-Sheet Cross-Cut Shredder with US Patented Cutter

Document Shredder VidaTeco 14 Sheet Document Shredder With US Patent Cutter Card/CD Shredder Heavy Duty Home Office Document Shredder Durable Fast With Jam Free System 6.6 Gallon (ETL) Basket

Powerful document shredder for home office use

VidaTeco Maxshred OS-1201C Cross Cut Shredder can completely shred the following items: paper (up to 14 sheets at a time), credit cards, CDs, clips, and waste. The compact design takes up less space.

Automatic overheat protection

If the paper is shredded and shredded during main working hours, it will automatically shut down for your safety to protect the motor.

  •  [Durable and Economical] The 100% US patented knife prevents jamming and damage to the shredder and extends its service life. Due to the comprehensive quality check conducted by the manufacturer, many small paper particles can remain in the basket.
  • [High Safety Level P-3] The transverse shredder cuts 14 sheets of up to 20lbs of cardboard into 6/32 x 1-16/32 inches (5 x 38mm) at a time without removing staples or staples. It can also damage credit cards/CDs/spam (one by one).
  • The ergonomic design has a three-position control switch (automatic, stop, reverse); Auto on/off and manual reverse functions make it easy to shred and clear jams so you can clear paper jams. It's backed by an ETL-certified one-year limited warranty.
  • [5 Minute Steps] This high-performance paper shredder features ultra-fast shredding speed, 5-minute run time and 30-minute cooling cycle. If you continue cutting during the maximum working time for safety reasons, the temperature of the mill will increase and work can be continued after a 30-minute cooling cycle. It also has an overheating LED indicator.
  • [Customer Service Help] The paper shredder is equipped with a 6.6 gallon container and a portable handle that can reduce the frequency of emptying and make emptying easier. The transparent window shows whether it is full. In addition, this mixture does not require any lubricants. If you have any questions about how to use it, please feel free to contact us. You can also follow the troubleshooting steps in the user guide

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