Voger ME720 Wireless Rechargeable Security Camera
Voger ME720 Wireless Rechargeable Security Camera

Voger ME720 Outdoor Security Camera, Voger 1080P Wireless Battery Surveillance Camera, with Dual PIR Motion Detection, Night Vision and Dual Audio Channels

 Introducing the Voger ME720 outdoor surveillance camera

The ME720 is equipped with wireless installation, easy removal, long battery life and high definition video quality. If you are looking for an affordable, reliable and stylish outdoor security camera. This is exactly what you would expect.

 Get to know the smart ones

This home surveillance camera adopts advanced dual PIR technology motion detection, which can detect human movement more intelligently and accurately. When someone is recognized, the Cloudboom app will notify you instantly.

 - remote monitoring

Voger wireless security camera helps you monitor your home and allows you to access and play back your video history anytime and anywhere via the Cloudboom app.

- Unlimited sharing

Different accounts share a camera. Enter someone else's account to get this done. Share all the happy moments with your family.

Voger ME720 Wireless Rechargeable Security Camera
Voger ME720 Wireless Rechargeable Security Camera

  •  Go where cables can't reach: This wireless security camera has a built-in battery and is completely wireless. It can be installed anywhere without searching for power outlets or drive cables. Installation is a breeze.
  • Smarter Motion Detection - Dual PIR is more accurate than one. The 160-degree PIR sensor helps capture every critical moment. Motion detection detects body heat using passive infrared (PIR), which only detects people and pets and can reduce false alarms caused by branch shaking.
  • Real-time Alert - As soon as something moves, an alert is sent to your phone immediately. These dynamically played recordings are marked with a red line on the time axis for easy reading.
  • Remote Viewing and Chat - Watch the 1080p live broadcast on your mobile phone anytime and anywhere. Clear images can be obtained during the day and at night. With the built-in microphone and noise-canceling speakers, you can talk to the deliverers and deter thieves or intruders with this outdoor security camera.
  • The stand in any watertight, watertight design can withstand temperatures ranging from 14°F to 122°F. The outdoor surveillance camera can work normally for many years under severe weather conditions. Rain or snow, protect your home.

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