YUSY Wireless Smart Indoor Cameras for Home Security
YUSY Wireless Smart Indoor Cameras for Home Security

YUSY IPC-1080-W Wireless Smart Home Home Security Camera Two-Way Night Vision Automatic Moving Object Tracking Pet Nanny Security Camera

This is a 2.4G wireless home security camera. Due to the small and cute shape, it fits naturally into your living environment. It is easy to install and can be hung on the wall or laid flat on the desk. The motion sensor can rotate and lock the moving target automatically. 1080P HD picture and infrared night vision ensure your home is safe and free

  •  [Automatic camera tracking moving objects] When the camera detects a moving object, it will automatically rotate the camera to track the target, keeping the target in the center of the screen, and making sure that your monitoring target has no dead end. The sensitivity of the motion detector can be adjusted via the Tuya app, which must be activated before using this function.
  • [No Network Cable] The camera supports 2.4G WiFi, so you don't have to worry about the network cable. Before pairing it with the camera, switch your mobile device to the 2.4G network. After successful pairing, your device can usually be accessed over a 2.4G or 5G network.
  • [Camera Motion Detection and Night Vision Function] The motion detector can monitor your home security. If a stranger passes the camera, it will send you a warning message. You can open the app to see what happened in it instantly. Motion detection The sensitivity of the device can be adjusted via the app in order to avoid unnecessary interference. Passive infrared sensors ensure clear night vision in absolute darkness and ensure that your home is monitored around the clock
  • [Monitor your family/office anytime, anywhere] Full HD 1080p visual live stream anytime, anywhere. You can communicate with your family in real-time video through the Tuya App which supports Amazon Echo and Google Home. Video backup supports up to 64GB micro SD card in FAT32 format, and you can also buy cloud storage to save
  • [Share with Teem Members, Easy to Setup] Allows you to share your cam video with your family, Up to 3-5 members can share cam video while 2 simultaneous online users stay connected to watch and visit. You can place the camera on the cabinet/desk or any furniture surface for easy integration into your surroundings, or you can hang it on the wall however you like, it is recommended to place multiple cameras to monitor multiple scenes

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