Samsung is ignoring its latest tablet
Samsung is ignoring its latest tablet

When Samsung started implementing its new policy, it promised more regular updates for its phones, and many people can hope to implement the policy on all devices as well.

Not all Samsung devices are created equal, and even some older flagship phones aren't treated the same.

Oddly enough, however, is that almost new top-tier equipment does not offer the same advantages as slightly older products of the same level.

Samsung recently changed its software update schedule, which puts Galaxy Tab S7 FE users in a dizzying position.

Samsung has three update levels that represent the frequency of these updates. Higher levels receive monthly equipment and updates, then quarterly and semi-annual updates before permanently discontinuing support.

High-end flagship products, regardless of whether it is mobile phones or tablets, naturally start at the top. But some newer phones, especially mid-range phones, start every three months from the start.

Samsung has updated this list to add new devices and move older devices down. But 9to5Google noticed something unexpected.

Samsung Android Update:

The new Galaxy Tab A7 Lite, which was announced earlier this month, has been added to the list of devices receiving quarterly updates, which is to be expected given the fact that tablets are pretty low on price.

But the quarterly performance of the Galaxy Tab S7 FE Companion is also on the same level.

The 12.4-inch tablet may not be as high-end as the name itself, however, and it does include features found in the flagship category of more expensive Samsung tablets.

This includes a resolution of 2560 x 1600 pixels and support for S Pen keyboards and Book Cover.

Like the Fan Edition phone, this PC is expected to be updated once a month when it starts up.

In terms of long-term updates for all kinds of devices, Samsung is by far the best among Android, which is a challenge for Google.

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