Twitter wants to limit who can tag you in their tweets
Twitter wants to limit who can tag you in their tweets

In keeping with Twitter's recently added ability to control who can reply to your tweets, new controls have also been experimented with to control who can recognize you on the platform.

It can help people avoid unnecessary attention and reduce negative experiences on the app.

Twitter Privacy Designer Dominic Kamusi explained some early concepts of how this feature might work, starting with this prototype that slipped off the discussion thread.

The new process has a new "Remove me from this conversation" option in the Tweets dropdown so that you can get rid of all other interactions with the selected thread.

Then your username will be separated from the chat. Although it remains in the original text of the tweet, it is not clickable.

If your name is tagged on the image across the platform, you can do so via the “Remove tag from image” option. But it will also allow users to distance themselves from any direct association with the discussion of a particular Tweet.

This provides more convenience in managing your app experience. This is useful for avoiding spammers and trolls that you may not want to block but do not want to deal with certain projects.

Twitter is testing other controls:

Additionally, Twitter also wants to add new notifications when someone you don't follow mentions you. As part of this process, if you expand the notification tweet tag, the tweet itself has the 'Remove tag' option.

Once you have been featured in a Tweet with this button, the author of the selected Tweet will only be able to recognize you if you update your settings again.

Twitter also wants to add new controls over who you allow to mention you. This is a variable audience limit (every person or people you follow or custom) and you can use it for 1, 3 or 7 days at a time.

The platform also hopes that having an option that allows you to avoid flagging a day will help avoid cultural rejection.

If the user ID receives too many tweets, this process will notify the user. The user can then view these signals and use the 'Stop All Signals' option at the bottom of the screen to change their signal settings.

Currently, Twitter is still experimenting with these options using early concept models. So it can completely change or not release any of these items.

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