WhatsApp starts data protection campaign after strong opposition
WhatsApp starts data protection campaign after strong opposition

WhatsApp has launched a new advertising campaign to promote its privacy and security features as it continues to face strong opposition from users and the general public.

These pointers highlight the importance of end-to-end encryption, which is used to ensure that only the sender and recipient can read them.

Therefore, it is technically impossible for WhatsApp to see messages sent or submitted to law enforcement agencies or authorities through its application.

At the time of these announcements, WhatsApp faced stiff opposition to its privacy policy in many ways.

Over the past few months, it has come under constant criticism for updating its terms, leading users to believe their data is being shared with Facebook.

He was also attacked by the government. But he argues that its powerful security features mean it can keep app users safe from abuse.

Will Cathcart, President of WhatsApp, said the company launched the world's first ad campaign to address these challenges and promote encryption as an essential technology for everyone who uses its messaging service.

"End-to-end encryption means that when you send something to someone or say something to someone, no one other than the person you're sending can hear or see what you're saying," he added.

WhatsApp has started a data protection campaign:

Cathcart has stated that encryption is an essential tool for journalists, activists and whistleblowers, and he believes people will understand that.

He highlighted the various uses of encryption, including protecting banking information, passwords, health information, and payment information.

Cathcart admitted that some of the inspiration for launching the campaign came from the introduction of new terms on WhatsApp and the ensuing controversy with Facebook.

Although WhatsApp said the new terms cover only a small amount of purchase information that can be shared with the parent company, users fear that the feature means chat content is sent to Facebook.

On the dispute, he said: We are not clear enough. When we see chaos, we become clearer. This "confusion" is another reason for wanting to start a campaign.

Cascart noted that the confusion is over and the vast majority of people have now accepted the new terms.

He said the campaign was launched in response to criticism of encryption technology, including from Britain's home secretary.

In addition to launching this campaign, Cathcart said the company is negotiating with governments around the world to make clear that encryption is useful and protects the security of citizens in all countries. This is essential if we want to shape our entire lives digitally in the coming years.

Cathcart recently announced a privacy-focused feature set. Included a new tool that allows you to delete WhatsApp messages automatically.

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