Microsoft is under ransomware attack via RiskIQ
Microsoft is under ransomware attack via RiskIQ

Microsoft has officially acquired RiskIQ, a cybersecurity startup that offers security software.

Founded in 2009, RiskIQ is headquartered in San Francisco and employs more than 200 people.

RiskIQ offers threat intelligence and management tools to fend off various cyber attacks on Microsoft and Amazon cloud services, on-premises servers, and supply chain attacks.

Although Microsoft did not specify the value of the deal, Bloomberg reported that the company paid more than $500 million to RiskIQ.

RiskIQ's Illuminate software aggregates threats across the company's entire IT footprint so security professionals can tackle the most critical threats.

Cloud-based RiskIQ software detects security issues in networks and devices, and the company lists US Postal Service, BMW, Facebook and American Express as customers.

RiskIQ was founded in 2009 and has gradually evolved into a major player in security threat analysis.

Microsoft has yet to develop a detailed plan for integrating RiskIQ into its security products. But it has to use RiskIQ in Microsoft 365 Defender, Microsoft Azure Defender, and Microsoft Azure Sentinel.

“RiskIQ has built a strong customer base and community of security professionals,” said Eric Doerr, Vice President of Microsoft Cloud Security. “We will continue to support, maintain, and develop these customer bases. The RiskIQ team and its technologies are a powerful addition to our suite of security products and can help our mutual customers deliver Best service.

Microsoft takes charge of RiskIQ

In the fierce battle against ransomware attacks, Microsoft is gradually developing and improving its security tools.

In addition, the deal could help the software giant grow its security business, which is growing faster than other industries.

In January of this year, Microsoft announced that its security revenue has exceeded $10 billion in the past 12 months. 40% annual increase.

The software giant acquired ReFirm Labs last month to protect servers and IoT devices from security attacks.

These acquisitions took place months after the last ransomware attack. In the past few weeks, REvil, an organization linked to Russia, has launched ransomware attacks on the supply chain.

Additionally, the security industry continues to be affected by SolarWinds developments. Who hacked everything from Microsoft to US government agencies.

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