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Microsoft Surface Duo 2 supports 5G network

Surface Pro 8 has a refresh rate of 120Hz

Windows 11 gets a redesigned Photos app

Microsoft Office 2021 will be released on October 5th

A Microsoft accounts no longer requires a password

Microsoft patches malicious Office file exploits

Microsoft officially launched xCloud on Windows

Microsoft warns of attacks with Office files

Microsoft Teams improves remote work

Microsoft continues to update Xbox accessories

Microsoft launches a dedicated news service Start

Microsoft wants to improve video editing on Windows

Microsoft is hosting a Surface event on September 22

Microsoft will launch Windows 11 on October 5th

Microsoft removes uncertified devices from Windows 11 tests

Microsoft threatens to block Windows 11 updates

Microsoft will not prevent you from installing Windows 11

Microsoft warns thousands of cloud customers about vulnerabilities

Office for Android apps won't work on Chrome OS

Xbox gets xCloud

When dark mode is enabled the sound changes in Windows 11

Microsoft plans to exclude Google and Facebook in Europe

Microsoft launches new wired headphones

Microsoft has reinterpreted the design of Windows 11

It's hard to change your default browsers in Windows 11

Microsoft wants to promote consumer apps

Surface Book 4 may not have a detachable screen

Microsoft challenges Amazon over cloud contracts

Microsoft brings xCloud to PC via Xbox app

Microsoft integrates OneNote applications

Microsoft integrates Spotify into Windows 11

Microsoft Edge will soon be more secure

How Microsoft moved my PC to the cloud

Windows 10 automatically blocks unwanted apps

Microsoft released a new update for Paint before Windows 11

Microsoft announces Windows 365 service pricing

Microsoft may expand the Apps feature to the Your Phone app

The first beta of Windows 11 is officially30 July

Microsoft makes big profits amid chip shortages

Surface Duo 2 comes with a new triple camera

Microsoft's plans for healthcare

Windows 11 runs Android apps through the Intel Bridge

Microsoft's fraudulent authentication system

Microsoft fights companies selling piracy software

Microsoft brings Clippy back into the Office suite

Microsoft introduces cloud computing with Windows 365

Microsoft is replacing routers to stop Trickbot

Microsoft and Google are improving copy-and-paste functionality

Microsoft is under ransomware attack via RiskIQ

Windows has maintained its leadership position for two decades

Microsoft may launch cloud services for PC soon

Microsoft releases important fixes for Windows

Skype for Business is coming to an end

Windows 11 App Store just got more useful

Microsoft warns against exploiting PrintNightmare vulnerability

Windows 11 Blue Screen of Death turns black

Windows 11 can run on Lumia 950 XL

Microsoft Programming Advice Tool

Microsoft lowers Windows 11 preview release requirements

Windows 11 saves laptop battery

xCloud from Microsoft is now available for iOS

Office gets a new design compatible with Windows 11

Microsoft publishes a preview of Windows 11

Microsoft introduced a malware driver

Windows 11 supports Android apps by AMD and Arm

Microsoft wants to use Steam in its App Store

Microsoft officially released Windows 11

Microsoft is preparing Windows 11 for a post-pandemic world

Microsoft has a market value of $2 trillion

Microsoft Edge makes it easy to share pages between devices

Microsoft develops Xbox games for the cloud

Microsoft may face antitrust measures like Facebook

Windows 11 delivers significant performance improvements

Windows 11 version leak annoys Microsoft

Microsoft wants to use cloud demand in China

Microsoft started making the biggest changes to Office in decades

Microsoft Teams adds new features for easier meetings

Windows 11 SE: Limited Edition Windows 11

Upgrading to Windows 11 may be free for some users

Microsoft brings new Xbox games to Xbox One

First look at the upcoming Windows 11 from Microsoft

Xbox Series X is about to make xCloud games much faster

Microsoft's XCloud is coming to the Xbox console

Microsoft is excited about the Windows 11 event through a video clip

Microsoft wants to provide Xbox to billions of gamers

Windows 11 may bring Android apps to the Microsoft Store

Microsoft allows you to write emails with your voice

Microsoft returns to physical retail

Microsoft Expands Internet Access Project

Microsoft will release a new version of Windows on June 24

Xbox does not have an exclusive deal with Dolby technology

Microsoft warns of a complex Russian attack

Microsoft is improving the shared calendar in Outlook

Microsoft will launch the next generation of Windows soon

Microsoft is working to improve the speed of the Edge browser

Microsoft Teams opens the door to collaborative apps

Microsoft is converting Surface Duo into a portable Xbox

Microsoft Teams has improved in Together mode

Microsoft offers a vision for the future of conference

Microsoft Office is switching to dark mode

The new Windows 10 update aims to improve remote work

Microsoft has officially announced the end of Internet Explorer

Microsoft is officially confirming the end of Windows 10X

Microsoft Teams has become an alternative to WhatsApp

Several editions of Windows 10 have discontinued the service

The new Xbox console tests Dolby Vision HDR gaming

Microsoft makes it easy to buy the Xbox console

Microsoft OneDrive supports casting to Chromecast

Microsoft Teams offers enhanced offerings across Windows and macOS

Microsoft has discontinued development of Windows 10X

Microsoft sells Xbox platforms at a loss

Microsoft ditches icons of the Windows 95 era

Microsoft Teams is adding new features to help students

Microsoft has completely removed Adobe Flash from Windows 10

Microsoft is reducing sales of Windows games

Microsoft posted the strongest revenue growth since 2018

Classroom Pen 2 from Microsoft for students

Windows 10 taskbar brings weather and news

Microsoft is building the world's most powerful weather supercomputer

Microsoft offers Linux GUI apps in Windows 10

Discord rejects Microsoft's acquisition

Microsoft is moving towards launching its Cloud PC service

Microsoft is developing a new Windows App Store

Trial version xCloud arrives on iPhone

Microsoft Edge gets a new kid's mode

Windows 10 timeline is out of sync

Microsoft announced its first webcam in years

Microsoft announced Surface Laptop 4

Microsoft acquired Nuance for $ 19.7 billion

Microsoft could pay $ 16 billion to take over Nuance

Microsoft is flooding servers in basins of fluid

Xbox Series X mini fridge become a reality

The original Xbox and Xbox 360 games are introduced to xCloud

Microsoft closes the Cortana app for Android and iOS

Microsoft provides augmented reality technology for the US Army

Microsoft offers free chat on Xbox

Windows 10 gets a new File Explorer icon

Microsoft is renaming Xbox Live to the Xbox Network

Microsoft plans to buy Discord for $ 10 billion

How does FPS Boost improve older games performance on Xbox Series X?

Microsoft released a second patch to fix the printing problem

Microsoft Defender automatically prevents Exchange Server exploits

PowerPoint can improve your presentation skills

Microsoft is bringing Auto HDR to Windows

Microsoft services are back to normal after the outage

Open a dispute between Microsoft and Google

AccountGuard entered dozens of countries prior to the election

Xbox Game Pass gets 20 Bethesda games

10 hacker groups exploited loopholes in Microsoft programs

The Xbox TV era will end in May with its removal from the OneGuide TV list

Microsoft released a new webcam in the spring

Old Microsoft Edge browser is no longer supported

Surface Laptop 4 can be equipped with AMD processors

Microsoft owns Bethesda and receives European approval

Microsoft is testing the Edge browser on Xbox

All you need to know about the new PDF Reader features in Edge

Microsoft launches Group Transcribe for transcribing meetings

The China affiliate group targeted the Microsoft Exchange bug

Microsoft Teams gets smart speakers

Bill Gates explains why he preferred Android over iPhone

Microsoft is testing xCloud streaming at 1080p

Supports Microsoft Word with new AI-based functionality

Microsoft helps European media

Will Microsoft release the biggest Windows 10 update in 2021?

Microsoft announces Office 2021 and Office LTSC

Microsoft has broken the tradition of Windows updates

FPS Boost doubles the game frame rate

Microsoft makes games suitable for people with disabilities

Microsoft Edge receives an adaptive notification request

Microsoft Edge gets child mode

Microsoft announces new wireless headphones for Xbox

Microsoft offers the standard Office apps for the iPad

First look at xCloud for the web from Microsoft

Microsoft Edge hosts illegal copies of games

Microsoft removed the old Edge browser from the computer

OneDrive for Android supports 8K videos

Microsoft will be hosting special events in the coming months

Microsoft is mocking the Touch Bar in new ads

Windows 10x works on the Lumia 950 XL

Microsoft back off raising Xbox Live Gold prices

Microsoft explains how SolarWinds hackers concealed their spyware

Microsoft Defender automatically manages malware

Microsoft is developing a digital vaccination record

Windows 10x ... the de facto competitor to Chrome OS

Microsoft tried to buy Nintendo once, but failed

Edge Browser gets the much awaited sync feature

Microsoft is committed to repairing the Xbox Series X console

New One Outlook app leaked from Microsoft

Windows 7 still works on millions of computers

Microsoft and Google join the fight against NSO

Microsoft is ending Halo for Xbox 360

Microsoft believes the world is ready to ignore passwords

Microsoft designs processors for servers

Microsoft is bringing Together Mode to Skype

Microsoft confirms that its system has been compromised

Microsoft launched a new password manager

Microsoft launches a platform to manage corona vaccines

Microsoft Edge introduces several improvements

With Microsoft parents can stop kids from playing Xbox until they finish their homework

Microsoft officially announces xCloud launch date on iOS devices and computers

Microsoft has introduced a tool that companies can use to process data

Microsoft is adding new communication capabilities to Teams

Microsoft sells a Microsoft Paint jacket

Microsoft is testing a Windows mini update

The Productivity Score feature brings criticism to Microsoft

Project Latte brings Android apps to Windows

How does PlayStation 5 beat Xbox Series X in benchmarks?

Microsoft fixed the error on the Xbox website

Microsoft wants to bring Android apps to Windows

Microsoft wants to turn Xbox into a TV app

Sony is the driving force behind the development of the Xbox Series S

Edge browser suffers from fraudulent add-ons

Edge Browser provides additional shopping functionality

Apple and Microsoft are working together to support Xbox consoles for the iPhone and iPad

Microsoft Edge makes sure that you never miss any important notifications

Microsoft expects a shortage of Xbox platforms

Microsoft is working with chip manufacturers to improve computer security

Microsoft engineer steals $ 10 million

Microsoft fixed 112 vulnerabilities in its products

Microsoft: Please don't smoke on Xbox Series X!

Xbox Live users are facing technical issues on the launch day of the Xbox Series

Microsoft launches the next generation of Xbox platforms

What feature does the Xbox Series X out of the PS5 stand out?

Microsoft's Your Phone app supports more than one Android app together

Windows 10 update breaks Office updates .. Here's how to fix the problem

Microsoft has set the date for the release of Apple TV for Xbox

Microsoft warns of attacks against Netlogon

The Xbox Game Bar tracks which apps are using up memory

Microsoft allows Excel to override text and numbers

Microsoft made the Xbox Series X refrigerator

Microsoft reveals the explosive growth in the number of Teams active daily users

Microsoft has started deactivating Explorer

Mouse and trackpad support across the iPad Office suite

Microsoft refers to xCloud TV Streaming Device

Microsoft built a mobile data center in the box

Microsoft is explaining the problem with progressive web applications

Microsoft allows Xbox One games to be played on iOS devices

Microsoft is officially launching the next big update for Windows 10

Microsoft is working with SpaceX to bring the Azure cloud platform into space

If the publisher is not verified Windows 10 blocks the identification

New image classification algorithm that goes beyond human resolution

What are the new features in Microsoft Edge 86 browser?

Revised Windows app store policy

Free video calls arrive in the Edge browser

Microsoft warns of new ransomware

Microsoft is bringing xCloud to iOS via the web

Microsoft continues to allow some of its employees to work from home

Defender Update Tool as a Windows installation image

Microsoft is renaming the Bing search engine

Microsoft is giving Windows ARM a major boost

Microsoft announces inexpensive Surface Laptop Go

Microsoft enters a 5G race with telecom operator cloud services

Windows XP has features that make it feel like a Mac

Streaming Xbox One games on iPhone is now possible

What are the new features in Windows 10 October Update?

Leaked source code for Windows XP from Microsoft

Windows 10 antivirus software has been greatly updated

Everything you need to know about Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

Microsoft acquires Fallout developer

Are Microsoft updates for Windows 10 invalid?

The Windows 10 October 2020 Update is ready for download

Windows 10's dark mode has been finally improved

Project xCloud video game service launched

Microsoft xCloud contains more than 150 games

Windows 10 now forces one of the most paradoxical tools to be installed

Microsoft clarifies the fate of the Xbox One X.

Microsoft: The US presidential campaigns are being targeted

Surface Duo is difficult to repair from Microsoft

Microsoft wants to connect satellites to the cloud

Microsoft launched cloud gaming services to compete with Sony

Microsoft is officially starting to sell Surface Duo phones with two displays

Microsoft explains why you cannot uninstall Edge browser

Microsoft confirms Xbox Series S launch and announces pricing

Microsoft confirms the Xbox Series S release date.

Windows 10 has one of the best iOS features for your computer

Microsoft will no longer support Flash in January 2021

Microsoft launched the transcription feature for Word for the web

Microsoft supports Epic games against Apple

Gates: Tech companies deserve open unfair and cruel questions

Microsoft is developing a new Surface laptop

Microsoft officially announces the price and release date of the Xbox Series X

Microsoft: You cannot uninstall the Edge browser

List of phones that can run Android apps on Windows 10 computers

Microsoft is working to make Windows more user-friendly

Microsoft offers its open source projects

Microsoft is promising 3 years of Android updates for Surface Duo

Microsoft's Surface Duo will arrive on September 10

Why doesn't the $ 1,399 Surface Duo have NFC?

Copying and pasting in Windows 10 update isn't the same

Xbox Series S: Microsoft's next game console

Microsoft faces complex technical challenges with its acquisition of TikTok

Microsoft is interested in Windows again

Microsoft condemns Apple's app store policy

Microsoft discontinued testing the xCloud gaming platform on iOS

Report: Microsoft wants to buy all of Tik Tok's global business

Convert your Android phone to Xbox on September 15

Microsoft integrates Android apps into Windows 10 with Your Phone

Microsoft sets release date for game streaming xCloud

Microsoft releases the final version of the Home Security app

Microsoft: New privacy controls for European Union customers

Microsoft's foldable phone is ready

Microsoft brings basketball fans to the stadium

Microsoft announces the most important upcoming Xbox Series X platform games

Microsoft Skype brings to blur the background in iOS

Microsoft has updated Android Launcher with many expected features

Microsoft stops producing Xbox One S Digital and Xbox One X

Microsoft sets project launch date for Project xCloud for all

Microsoft incorporates Google Calendar into the web version of Outlook

Microsoft wants to get rid of Linux malware

Microsoft removes a useful Windows feature

This small console is designed for the next xCloud service

Microsoft's Edge browser has intrusive behavior

Microsoft joins boycott Facebook ads

Microsoft determines the release date of modern flight simulator game

The second generation of Xbox will be available in August

Microsoft has launched a free tool to recover deleted files

Microsoft is pointing to the next generation of Xbox

Microsoft is removing one of the best features from the Windows 10 update

Microsoft suddenly decided to permanently close all of its stores

Microsoft is launching a trial version of the anti-virus application for Android

Microsoft can postpone Windows version 10x to 2021

Microsoft acquires IoT security companies

Microsoft suddenly decided to end Mixer

Microsoft is not satisfied with Apple store policies

Microsoft integrates the new Edge Browser into the next major Windows 10 update

Microsoft launches a feature to import your financial activities into Excel

The leaks indicate that Microsoft intends to speed up the release of Surface Duo

Microsoft supports custom images as a background for Teams meetings

Microsoft announces refusal to sell face recognition technology to the police

Microsoft begins the automatic installation of Edge via the Windows 10 update

Microsoft has launched an app to control children's play time

Microsoft celebrates the 30th anniversary of the Solitaire game launch

Microsoft introduces a Linux graphics application in Windows 10

The leaks indicate that Xbox Console X game consoles are in production

Microsoft admits that it was wrong to fight open source software

Windows 10 includes the included package analysis software

Surface Duo dual-screen specifications

Microsoft begins testing a family security app on Android and iOS

Microsoft plans to support the text prediction feature in Outlook

Microsoft is working hard to support mouse and trackpad in Office for iPad

Microsoft offers a free repair for mysterious cracking on the surface of Surface Laptop 3

Microsoft will launch its Window 10X developer system for laptops

Microsoft adopts SURFACE GO 2 LTE in FCC with Wi-Fi 6

Microsoft supports XBOX SERIES X with VRS to create high-quality images

Microsoft reassures the Xbox Series X fans

Microsoft Edge is facing new features and improvements

Microsoft launches a tool to recruit corona recruits to treat the injured

Microsoft extends support for older Windows systems due to Corona

Microsoft replaces editors with robots

Windows 10 supports Samsung mobile phones for wireless file transfer

Microsoft allows adding custom wallpapers in Teams

Microsoft announces record numbers and demand for video calls continues to increase

Microsoft is postponing the release of Surface Neo even after 2020

Microsoft introduces the new Windows 10 Start menu

Microsoft announces the latest product in its Surface series

Microsoft Edge has become the second most popular web browser

You can work more efficiently with Microsoft Edge functionality

Microsoft announces the consumer version of Microsoft 365

Microsoft plans to make Teams available to regular consumers

Microsoft has launched a feature that allows you to make calls directly from your computer