Netflix plans to release continuous video games

Netflix has taken the first step beyond TV shows and movies, plans to expand into video games, and has appointed Facebook and the former CEO of Electronic Arts to lead the work.

The company announced that Mike Verdo will be joining him as Vice President of Game Development and reporting to COO Greg Peters.

Previously, Verdo was the vice president of Facebook, responsible for working with developers to bring games and other content to the Oculus VR headset.

The idea is to launch video games on the Netflix streaming platform next year. Games are being developed alongside existing shows as a new type of show, similar to a platformer of documentaries or specials.

The Company does not currently intend to charge additional fees for content.

The platform has looked for ways to continue growing, especially in more saturated markets like the United States, including developing children's software, opening an online store to sell products, and using Steven Spielberg to build the reputation of its film set.

And the company is still ahead of competitors like Disney+ or HBO Max. But there were fewer subscribers than expected in his latest quarterly report.

Getting into gaming is one of Netflix's boldest moves to date. After Verdo's appointment, the company's CEO developed popular mobile games in the electronic art industry, including The Sims, Plants vs. Zombies, and Star Wars.

Verdu also served as Zynga's Creative Director from 2009 to 2012.

Netflix wants to start video games

Netflix will be training its gaming team in the coming months. The company has started posting work related to game development on its website.

It appears to be a major event that had a huge impact on the video game scene. Netflix's move has brought obvious risks to major game developers and publishers.

Video games provide another way for the platform to attract new customers and also offer something that their direct competitors do not currently offer.

Walt Disney, WarnerMedia, and Amazon can follow all sports live. But there are no games on its video service.

This move may make it easier for Netflix to justify higher prices over the next few years. These games also help in promoting existing products.

In addition to offering video services, many major tech companies also sell gaming options. Apple owns a platform called Arcade Games and a TV+ service for original video projects. However, there is an additional gaming fee.

Evidence of Netflix's plans to add games has surfaced in files hidden deep within the company's apps. The company had previously licensed the game rights based on its products. However, the scope of this new initiative is broader. The company has not yet decided on the game's development strategy.

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