Pixel smartphones have been monitoring criminals for years
Pixel smartphones have been monitoring criminals for years

The FBI was able to do a very clever job that led to the arrest of hundreds of people who used Google Pixel phones.

The FBI has built a real company that claims to sell highly secure and confidential Android phones.

This company targets people and organizations for whom privacy and security are most important. They are criminals.

An app called Anom is preinstalled on the phones being sold. The company touted the app as a completely secure and waterproof messaging and chatting app, and as such, it was used by criminals who stole the company's mobile phone.

The FBI can see every conversation that took place on the app.

The secret app on the Pixel phone

The application is used for communication between criminals and planning of criminal acts. Thus, over time and constant listening to these criminals, the FBI can gather a lot of information.

Later, there were thousands of evidence in his possession. The FBI succeeded in arresting hundreds of dangerous criminals who admitted to Anom and these high security cell phones without their knowledge.

The phones sold by the company founded by the FBI are safe and privacy-friendly.

But these things attract not only criminals, but ordinary users as well. Therefore, a large number of such mobile phones have spread among ordinary users in the market.

These phones exchange between users without knowing anything about their existence. You treat them like regular cell phones. But sources like Vice have already secured the right to use these phones. Then they know they are older A-series Pixel phones like the Pixel 3a and Pixel 4a.

The specialty of these phones is that although they are regular Pixel phones, they do not have the Google Play user interface by default.

Instead, it comes with an interface called Arcane OS, a user interface from an unknown source.

If you use one of these phones, users will be surprised that not all apps work, for example tapping on Instagram doesn't work like any other.

After restarting the phone, the owner must enter a specific PIN code before the phone can be used normally. Once the user opens the calculator app, they will be redirected to the secret Anom app.

The quick settings section also has the option to erase all data from the phone. This option has been added so that criminals can use their cell phones with confidence. But everything the user does is sent to the FBI in real time.

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