Reducing the capacity of mobile phones is not in the interest of consumers
Reducing the capacity of mobile phones is not in the interest of consumers

The performance of a smartphone is directly proportional to its price. The higher the price of the phone, the better the performance, which is why smartphones have been divided into several categories, which are flagship, middle and low, which are low. Companies sometimes underestimate the performance of their phones without the user's knowledge.

There are several reasons for the company to take this step. This includes enticing users to buy newer cell phones, making a significant difference between a worn-out cell phone and the company's newest cell phone, or for other reasons.

Apple is one of the most famous performance impediments. The American giant has sent out system updates that reduce the performance of the phone, especially when the battery is in poor condition.

OnePlus degrades phone performance

Phone capacity limitations are common among tech companies. OnePlus cited an example in which the company underestimated the performance of its flagship OnePlus 9 Pro.

OnePlus' approach is to prevent the processor from using its high-performance cores. In other words, even in applications that require high performance, the processor will use the worst performing core, so performance will decrease. The processor has eight cores, including high-performance and low-performance cores.

OnePlus responded as expected to optimize battery power consumption. This is because a low-power Snapdragon 888 core obviously consumes more power than a high-powered core.

OnePlus wasn't happy with this short answer. The company shared a developer post on its official forum. Perhaps the company's reasons are already reasonable. However, it is a challenge for a different part of the users, especially for those with technical knowledge.

One way or another, OnePlus blamed Qualcomm. She explained that current processors provide more power than necessary. Therefore, the company must find other solutions to eliminate these forces and reduce energy consumption.

Although OnePlus has tried to clear its position, the process of reducing cellular performance is still hated by everyone. Especially since OnePlus sells its mobile phones under the "Never Solve" banner and promises to provide the best possible performance to the users.

After that, the performance of the OnePlus 9 Pro decreased significantly. Although it is equipped with the Snapdragon 888 processor, it is the most advanced processor in the current Android phones.

Decreasing cell phone performance is conceptually dangerous. This is because mobile phone manufacturers can remotely downgrade the performance of their main phones without the user's permission or consent. Even to save electricity, this is unacceptable.

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