Conico 3M Ultra-Clear Security Floodlight Camera
Conico 3M Ultra-Clear Security Floodlight Camera

3M Conico Security Projector camera, with motion-activated light, intelligent alarm, two-way ultra-clear video communication, suitable for outdoor home security systems

 Shared by multiple users

With the share function, you can share all these family moments with a single click. When motion is detected, guests can view the video source, carry on the conversation and stay informed via the mobile app.

Two ways to store

Conico Floodlight External Camera supports micro SD cards (maximum 128GB) and military-standard encrypted cloud storage (new users 7 days of free cloud storage). Users using SD card storage, please connect to the APP to view the saved photos and videos. Cloud users, please enter the cloud into the app to view photos and videos.

IP65 waterproof and dustproof

IP65 waterproof and dustproof function is the best choice for outdoor use. High quality materials are used to ensure safe use in the temperature range from -4°F to 120°F. Rain or shine, you just have to withstand the elements.

motion activated light

The monitor camera has an infrared (PIR) sensor, which effectively reduces the occurrence of false alarms. Once the outdoor security camera detects movement, the projector will automatically turn on so you can call back uninvited guests. The projector's detection camera has a range of 12 meters.

Alarm notification

Conico Floodlight Security Camera supports dynamic reminders. When the WiFi security camera detects motion and activates this function, it will send an alarm and record a video through the mobile APP. The remote control function allows you to remotely trigger the alarm sound of the outdoor security monitor camera.

audible alarm

The Konico Security Camera Light has a built-in 110dB security alarm. If an unexpected guest is detected, the conico outdoor security camera can trigger an alarm. At the same time, you can ask uninvited guests to leave your home application.

3M live

The 3M Smart Security Camera features a wide viewing angle of 150°, live streaming and recording, so you can see exactly what's going on at home. In addition, the 15-meter black automatic night vision device can monitor your home day and night.

Brighter lights adjustable

Two high-brightness lights can not only brighten up your surroundings when you come home at night, but also deter intruders when you sleep. The light is adjustable and the light can be adjusted at a specific time with low power consumption according to your schedule

Conico 3M Ultra-Clear Security Floodlight Camera
Conico 3M Ultra-Clear Security Floodlight Camera

  •  [Smart Shutter and Motion Reminder] Using human body detection technology, the built-in ultra-bright flashlight will turn on automatically when the projector camera detects the action, so the surveillance camera can take more pictures in time to warn you to protect your property.
  • [3M Live Video & Two-Way Chat] This outdoor projector camera has built-in 3M COMS for you to enjoy live video and photos. At the same time, the built-in microphone and speaker enable you to communicate face-to-face with visitors without contact.
  • [APP Control and Family Sharing] Compatible with Android and iOS systems, even if you are outside, you can remote control and view this projector's camera to keep your property safe. Thanks to the sharing function, you can share your equipment with your family.
  • [ADJUSTABLE BRIGHTNESS AND CUSTOM ON/OFF] You can adjust the brightness of this patio light for the lowest power consumption and the most comfortable brightness. With the timer function of this outdoor light, it gives you a bright path when you come home late at night due to extra work.
  • [Multiple storage methods, easy to use] SD card storage (maximum 128GB) and cloud storage, you can choose the preferred method freely; The user-friendly interface of the application makes it easy for users to understand and operate.

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