Dragon Touch 3MP/2K WiFi Add-on Security Camera
Dragon Touch 3MP/2K WiFi Add-on Security Camera

Dragon Touch 3MP/2K WiFi Additional Security Camera,IP Camera Only Compatible with K4W10 8CH NVR Security Camera System,IP66 Waterproof,Color Night Vision,Human Body AI Alarm,Remote Control

3 mega pixel / 2 KB CCTV camera

The 3MP HD camera of Dragon Touch K4W10 can record 50% more details than 1080P and provide better image resolution. Day and night auto switch mode supports a maximum infrared night vision distance of 65 feet. This advanced outdoor security camera system turns on an LED when an alarm is triggered and enables clear, full-color night vision. Color night display can be set in the same settings interface.

Getting to know people with artificial intelligence

The outdoor wireless surveillance camera uses the latest advanced artificial intelligence technology to recognize the human body. Combine motion detection and LED alarm functions. When an intruder enters the monitoring area, it is monitored to trigger an LED light alarm. The security camera will also send you instant notifications so that you can be notified in real time. With the ability of security cameras to detect human figures and movements, they reduce false alarms when animals, leaves, cars or other objects appear on the screen, and provide you with a more convenient and accurate alarm system to ensure the safety of your goods.

Easy to install and easy to connect

The camera and its mounting accessories are included in the scope of delivery. Simply connect the NVR and camera to the appropriate adapters and then follow the QSG for wireless connection.

The Dragon Touch Wireless Surveillance Camera System supports up to 8 channels.

IP66 waterproof

Dragon Touch K4W10 outdoor security camera system is IP66 waterproof and dustproof. Whether it's sunny or rainy, it can operate at a temperature of -20°C to 50°C (-4°F to 131°F), making it a reliable and long-term safety system for all times.

Dragon Touch 3MP/2K WiFi Add-on Security Camera
Dragon Touch 3MP/2K WiFi Add-on Security Camera

  •  [Additional Camera] The Dragon Touch 3MP / 2K Wireless Outdoor WiFi Camera is only compatible with the K4W10 NVR 8CH Home Security Camera System. External surveillance cameras cannot be used alone. If you do not have a K4W10 wireless security camera system, you may need to purchase one.
  • [Easy Wireless Pairing] Open the additional NVR and WiFi camera, connect the NVR to the screen with the HDMI cable, right-click the wireless wireless icon, and wait for the automatic pairing, then the connection will be displayed on the screen.
  • [Easy Wired Pairing] Turn on the connected WiFi and NVR camera, and connect them with ethernet cable. Once the live image is displayed on the screen, the cable connection is terminated.
  • [Compatible With Latest K4W10 NVR Series] To make the 8CH NVR package to protect your home more complete, we provide additional cameras that customers urgently need at an attractive price. The additional wireless camera has the same advanced features as a 3MP/2K HD NVR array, AI detection and motion detection, 65ft color night vision, IP66 water resistance, and more comprehensive monitoring of your home.
  • Strong quality and service We have detailed communication procedures at QSG. If you have any operational problem during use, please contact our customer service, we will effectively solve your problem as soon as possible.

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