Dynalink DL-WRX36 WiFi 6 AX3600 Router
Dynalink DL-WRX36 WiFi 6 AX3600 Router

Dynalink WiFi 6 Router AX3600 (DL-WRX36), Dual Band WiFi Router, 8 Streams, WiFi Speed ​​up to 3.6Gbps, MU-MIMO, 2.5G WAN, 4 Gigabit LAN Ports, Home & Gaming

WPA3 Security Protocol

Supports the latest WPA3 security protocol, provides stronger WLAN encryption and comprehensive protection against network attacks for your network

Chapter 1024

Provides 25% more data transfer capacity compared to WiFi 5

Revolutionary OFDMA Technology

Data is transmitted over sub-carriers, with lower delay and greater efficiency

  •  Next generation WiFi 6 technology, up to 3.6Gbit/s: 8 stream 1.2Gbit + 2.4Gbit/s connection, OFDMA, MU-MIMO, 1024-QAM, single WiFi name bar routing, packet shaping technology. Supports WPA2 / WPA3 wireless security protocol. Including WiFi guest access, firewall, etc.
  • Wifi 6 routers have a wide coverage: They cover an area of ​​up to 4800 square feet and connect up to 200 devices. Connect more devices than ever before and use the revolutionary OFDMA and MU-MIMO technology to transfer more data to more devices at the same time.
  • High-performance 2.2GHz Quad-Core Processor: The high-performance 2.2GHz 64-bit Qualcomm Quad-Core processor reduces cache and delivers fast speeds for web browsing, video streaming and gaming.
  • Easy Setup and Voice Control: Use the app to easily configure and support the use of Google Assistant to turn guest WiFi on or off
  • More Connections for Different Needs: Get 4 built-in 2.4GHz and 5GHz smart antennas, pre-optimized for better WiFi performance The USB 3.0 port supports FTP servers and SAMBA servers for local data storage. 2.5 Gigabit WAN ports and 4 Gigabit LAN ports, more connections, faster access to multiple wired devices connected at the same time

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