ESYWEN Lovely Switch Pro Controller with Headphone Jack
ESYWEN Lovely Switch Pro Controller with Headphone Jack

ESYWEN Switch Controller for Nintendo Switch Wireless Switch Controller with Alarm for Nintendo Switch / Lite Lovely Switch Pro Controller with Headphone Jack Turbo Motion Vibrate Function

  •  Alarm function: ESYWEN button controller compatible with Nintendo Switch / Lite. After the first connection between the Switch host and the host, you can wake the host from sleep mode by pressing the "HOME" button on the Nintendo Wireless Switch. Easier for players to play remotely
  • Cute controller with headphone jack: Professional switch controllers with amazing fox appearance are popular with gamers. The magic is that the Nintendo Switch Wireless Controller comes with an advanced audio headphone jack that allows you to communicate with your teammates online and be more immersive during the game (a wired connection can use audio features).
  • Macro/Programmable Function: The switch console can be set using 12 programmable function keys (to enter the macro setting, press the T key first). The Switch Wireless Controller makes complex gaming easier and more convenient
  • ADJUSTABLE TURBO FUNCTION: The switch controller has automatic and manual turbo functions. The buttons A / B / X / Y / L / ZL / R / ZR are turbo-adjustable and its speed can be adjusted at 5/12/20 per second. You can set the appropriate speed for different games
  • ADJUSTABLE DUAL MOTOR VIBRATION: The Wireless Switch console has dual motor vibration, a six-axis accelerometer, and four levels of vibration to choose from while playing Zelda. The awesome Switch is also equipped with one-click screenshots and long press screen recordings, so you can share the moment of victory on social media or with your friends, family, lovers, etc. Everywhere and everywhere.

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