FASTSNAIL Nintendo Switch Golf Club for Mario Golf
FASTSNAIL Nintendo Switch Golf Club for Mario Golf

FASTSNAIL Golf Club (Extended Edition) Suitable for Mario Golf: Super Rush-Nintendo Switch, 2 Mario Golf Game Controller Accessories, with Joycon Stick Compatible with Non-Slip Strap, Red and Blue

The advanced putters support L and R joycon so you can play golf with others.

Inside there is a non-slip rubber pad that helps secure the joints and prevents them from slipping and scratching.

The elastic wrist strap holds the racket in your hand and does not fly away when swinging.

The attractive hard ball is integrated into the hitting area, and the play seems to be more exciting every time the ball is hit.

  •  SPECIAL DESIGN: Joycon Golf Clubs Compatible with Mario Golf: Super Rush - Nintendo Switch: Turn two Joy-Con controllers into golf toggle buttons. Developed specifically for golf clubs that were new to the market in 2021.
  • Built-in golf putter with longer shaft (15.7 inch), powerful simulation of golf in the hitting area, real swing experience, more immersive than ordinary golfers and more realistic swing experience. Left and right joicon support, easy to access shoulder button. Note: The red tape may require you to use your index finger to press the L Joycon shoulder button.
  • User-friendly design, non-slip handle with elastic wrist strap, easy to grip, won't get tired or slip out of your hand. When you hold the Joy-Con, the Joycon rocker mount provides good grip and stability. Both adults and children can go out to play Mario Golf-Super Rush and enjoy the fun of the game.
  • PERFECT FIT - Just put the Joy Con controller into the grip handle, the size fits well with the Joycon and locks it tight to prevent it from falling off.
  • You get: 2 x Joycon golf putters, available in red and blue, 1 year support and lifetime technical support. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

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