Fixture S1 Controller Clip Mount for Nintendo Switch
Fixture S1 Controller Clip Mount for Nintendo Switch

Fixture S1 Bundle: Original Nintendo Switch Pro Console Stand with Special Carrying Case (Grey)

  •  Designed by game enthusiasts. Fixture S1 is designed by gamers for gamers who love Nintendo Switch and Pro controllers but want to play games anytime, anywhere. This original patented design combines the Nintendo Switch and Pro Controller to provide a comfortable, accurate, and portable gaming experience. It is a great alternative to JoyCon.
  • Just adjust, bring comfortable and convenient gaming experience. The design of the Fixture S1 is very ergonomic, it can distribute the weight of the screen directly on your hand, reduce screen rotation and reduce stress on your wrist. The patented dual-axis design of the S1 allows you to easily and conveniently adjust the angle and height of the adapter and provides stability and balance in every playing position for optimal gaming comfort and performance.
  • Small, portable and durable. In addition to maximum adjustability, the metal friction hinge also allows the S1 clamp to be folded compactly. Folded into 7" x 4.4" x 4" the S1 mount with adapter and professional controller is extremely compact. The entire device can be easily and securely packed in the dedicated carrying case that accompanies the S1, making it more portable than ever. Quality structure and materials are high-quality and durable.
  • Laptop or tablet mode, easy to charge. One Supplement - Many Possible Uses! The holder grips the sliding side of the switch and is securely positioned around the Pro Controller. Install the Pro Controller on the Fixture S1 for portable operation or use it as a stand in desktop mode. The S1 can stand on any surface in desktop mode, provides stability and allows multiplayer gaming anywhere. In either mode, you can charge both Switch and Pro consoles at the same time.
  • Personal transport box. Nintendo Switch and Pro consoles come with a special Fixture S1 carrying case that's more portable than ever! The fully assembled unit can be easily built into the form of a specially designed housing, while the circuit board protects the switch display and holds everything securely in place. The included zippered pocket, storage for up to 10 games, and a sturdy, durable design make this slim and compact bag a must-have.

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