Jsbaby Call Camera Alarm Kids Smart Watch
Jsbaby Call Camera Alarm Kids Smart Watch

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Jsbaby Music Kids Smart Watch with 7 Puzzles

The new Jsbaby professional kids music watch launched in 2021 can provide multiple functions for your kids to meet their needs in different situations, keep them safer and keep in touch with their parents.

Two-way conversation

Parents or children can contact them at any time to facilitate communication between parents and children. This kids watch can store 10 frequently used phone numbers, which is easy for kids to call their parents and friends.

SOS emergency call

If the child is in danger, he can press the SOS button for help. Parents can also configure three SOS numbers in the app. You can call the three SOS numbers alternately in two rounds until you accept the call.


You can check your child's daily steps through the mobile app to see if they have reached their daily exercise volume. It can also be used as a toy for children who have many steps per day to achieve the goal of exercise

HD Camera

With this HD camera, kids will enjoy taking pictures whenever possible. It should be a great way to increase emotional interaction between parents and children.


Kids can calculate addition, subtraction, multiplication and division with clear screens and numbers. It can help your child solve simple math problems.


Use the stopwatch and calendar to explore the concept of time. Learn to distinguish between an analog clock and a digital clock to help your child maintain normal working hours. The alarm can be set for different time periods.

Jsbaby Call Camera Alarm Kids Smart Watch
Jsbaby Call Camera Alarm Kids Smart Watch

  •  SOS Emergency Call: Kids can make and receive calls through this kids smart watch, and parents can know where the kids are through the phone. This watch can be set as SOS emergency with three digits. If the child gets into a dangerous situation, he can press the SOS button for help.
  • Games and Recording: This kids smart watch contains many fun, interesting and easy to use games. Like basketball champions, bee fights, car confiscation etc., the watch calculator can also help kids to learn. The recording function requires a memory card to be inserted in order to use it.
  • Camera and Music: Select Camera from the main menu and click Enter. You can go to the preview interface and click the left button to take a picture and click the right button to go back. You can copy songs via USB connection, this must be done when the device is turned off.
  • Inserting the SIM card: First remove the back cover and the watch battery, then insert the micro SIM card into the card slot according to the direction shown in the figure. Finally, install the battery and back cover one by one Note: The watch has a built-in 1G SD card
  • Friendly Service: If you have any problems setting up your watch, please contact us and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

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