NexusLink WB-1750-KIT Gaming Router Extender
NexusLink WB-1750-KIT Gaming Router Extender

NexusLink Gaming Router Extender | Wireless Ethernet Bridge, Enhanced Online Gaming and Streaming, High Speed ​​AC1750, MU-MIMO for 2 pings (WB-1750-KIT) I 2

The NexusLink Wireless Gaming Bridge provides a simple, centralized wireless connection from router to gaming device. Unlike traditional wireless, the WB-1750 uses a private point-to-point LAN to penetrate walls and other room materials. It uses technologies such as MU-MIMO to reduce latency and uses the high-performance AC1750 to increase the speed offered over the dedicated 5GHz frequency band.

Innovative wireless games

When it comes to gaming, it's not good enough. For this reason, the revolutionary WB-1750-KIT is the perfect choice for today's wireless gamers. Unlike traditional wireless technology, which emits weak wireless signals throughout the home, the WB-1750-KIT can create a private central point-to-point connection directly to your gaming device.

The WB-1750-KIT contains a wide range of features designed specifically for gaming, including intelligent channel switching, game-centric QoS, MU-MIMO and other advanced technologies. These gaming features protect gaming performance and improve network performance by ensuring low latency, extended range, stable fault tolerance, and flexible adaptability to changing environments.

Provides customized wireless transmission for hard-to-reach spaces

Unlike traditional wireless technology, the WB-1750-KIT uses a private point-to-point LAN to penetrate walls and other building materials to improve connectivity and range.

Advanced functions reduce latency, stabilize connections and improve network performance

Use advanced technologies like MU-MIMO to unleash your gaming potential to reduce latency and the powerful AC1750 to overclock. All of this is delivered on a 5GHz band dedicated to delivering unparalleled network performance.

Forget the fast lane traffic

Tired of your gaming experience being interrupted by bandwidth-hungry local activities like streaming? With a wireless gaming bridge, you have a 5GHz frequency band that effectively eliminates delays and frame losses caused by other data storage devices.

NexusLink WB-1750-KIT Gaming Router Extender
NexusLink WB-1750-KIT Gaming Router Extender

  •  [Optimized for Online Games and Live Streaming] - Use the industry's most powerful Quantina chipset and 802.11ac Wave 2 technology to reduce lag, interference and frame loss, equipped with high-speed AC1750 WiFi and advanced technologies such as intelligent MU-MIMO channel switching system, game-centric QoS, etc. that.
  • [Continuous Home Data] - Enjoy a private connection on the dedicated 5GHz band. Having your own personal connection can effectively eliminate delays and frame losses caused by local bandwidth-intensive activities such as online video streaming and video conferencing.
  • [Ethernet stability for easy wireless connection] - Simply provide Ethernet stability over a private point-to-point LAN for robust communication across walls and other building materials.
  • [Expand WiFi to Hard-to-reach Areas] - Use 400mW AC-1750 technology and powerful MU-MIMO technology to provide excellent wireless connections in hard-to-reach areas.
  • [Easy to Install] - Quick and easy setup in just 3 steps. Start high-quality online gaming and live streaming from anywhere in your home in minutes.

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