PUNWEOS Nintendo Switch Wireless Controller with Turbo Button
PUNWEOS Nintendo Switch Wireless Controller with Turbo Button

PUNWEOS Wireless Controller Compatible with Nintendo Switch / Switch Lite, Controller with Ergonomic Turbo Button, Joystick Replaces Remote Control

  •  [Replace Nintendo Switch / Switch Lite: This is a third-party host, a perfect replacement for the Switch / Switch Lite's Switch, with the same layout as the original host. Each console has a full set of buttons that can be used as a standalone console. It is compatible with the latest version of Nintendo Switch 12.0.0. The console can be connected to the console for portable mode or operated independently with one hand
  • [Quick Pairing and Wake Up Function]: Supports wired connections and bluetooth connections. Slide the console onto the console, and the console will automatically connect to the console; Unplug the controller, the controller will automatically connect to the wireless controller, with strong anti-interference ability and stable signal. With the switch in sleep mode, long press the home button to activate the switch and the switch screen will light up
  • [Easy to Pair, Convenient to Carry] The controller connects easily and quickly, the wireless signal is stable and supports automatic reconnection. Unique grip and ergonomic design make your palm and index finger more comfortable. This handle is slightly larger than the original host, especially suitable for players with large hands (warning: this handle is not suitable for the original handle, etc.)
  • [Dual-Action Shock Absorbing Function] The controller is equipped with a 6-axis gyroscope for precise aiming and shooting. Each controller has an accelerometer and gyroscope sensor suitable for various running, shooting and jogging games. Equipped with the latest motion sensing technology and the latest vibration that provides a great feeling of control. Make your experience smoother and playing time more fun. (Note: No NFC function, alarm clock, infrared camera, HD vibration)
  • [Built-in Battery]: The Nintendo Switch / Switch Lite Wireless Controller has a built-in 300mAh rechargeable battery that can work for up to 10 hours and can be fully charged for 2 hours. Supports interconnect cables by moving the console to the switch console. If the console is not turned on, the console will charge the console if it is plugged in, and you can also charge each console separately with the cable

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