Pwnage Ultralight Symmetrical Gaming Mouse
Pwnage Ultralight Symmetrical Gaming Mouse

Pwnage Ultra Custom Symm: Ultra Lightweight Professional Symmetric Gaming Mouse 3389 Optical Sensor Flexible Umbrella Rope 100% PTFE Slide Single Weight 61g

The Pwnage Ultra Custom Symm Gaming Mouse delivers great performance for personalization and esports

Below is a summary of the main features we have included in Mouse so that anyone can create a high quality custom mouse themselves.
Soft. net goal. Experience pure shooting accuracy in the game.
Individual car bags for different users.
The symmetrically shaped Custom Weight System unit from 61g to 86g can be used for hours of gaming without pain in your wrist or hand.
Tool-free customization: Change the button top cover, case cover, button DPI (color and height) and wire color without using tools or removing screws.
100% PTFE Skate: Optimized for smooth gliding and motion control.
Color and model: white honeycomb base
Specifications Weight: 61g-86g Weight fully adjustable and adjust the balance adjustment

  •  SHAPE AND SIZE: A lightweight symmetrical gaming mouse with first-class components. Designed for customization, speed, accuracy and comfort. Use Pure Target technology to gain a competitive advantage.
  • Pure Aim Technology: Ultra Custom Symm is equipped with the latest and most advanced components. The ultra-sensitive, high-quality Kailh 8.0 keys, paired with the flawless Pro Optical Sensor, give you the edge.
  • Ultra Flexible Paracord: FCC compliant flexible cables ensure wireless, drag-free wearing comfort.
  • Mouse Feet: The custom mouse is equipped with a skateboard made of 100% PTFE material with a specially rounded edge for improved gliding control and smooth movement.
  • E-Sports customization: Built-in memory can store 6 PPIs, lighting effects, polling rate, starting distance, tap/slide speed, 6 buttons with macro support, hot swappable covers, customizable weight and balance systems, etc.

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