Rsrteng IPC-9800MOVTADHS Plus+ CCTV Camera Tester
Rsrteng IPC-9800MOVTADHS Plus+ CCTV Camera Tester

Rsrteng IPC-9800MOVTADHS Plus+ Full CCTV Camera Tester 7 Inch IPS Touch Screen CCTV Tester with HD-TVI HD-CVI AHD SDI IP Camera Support DMM OPM VFL TDR POE WIFI Function 4K H.265 HDMI

Rsrteng IPC-9800MOVTADHS plus + 4K Camera Tester is used for installation and maintenance of IP network cameras, HD coaxial surveillance cameras and security systems. The tester uses a 7-inch HD touch screen with a resolution of 1920 x 1200 pixels that is fast and easy to use. Support 12MP network camera and 4K 8MP coaxial camera test; Support TDR cable test, digital multimeter, optical power meter, visible laser light source, POE, WIFI; DC output 5V.2A/12V.3A/24V.2A; Professional Multiple Tests is a one-stop application that is compatible with more than 90% of current brands' cameras. Use it to make the installation process easy and efficient.

    Network camera test:

12MP 4K H.265/H.264 IP Camera Test. Detect IP / OVIF / RTSP / APK reading client quickly. Quick video: View the video automatically and generate a test report. Support PoE, Hik, DH camera test tools, ovif test tools, etc.

    HD coaxial camera test:

Camera Test Max 4K 8MP TVI / AHD / CVI / SDI, 3840 x 2160 pixels, supports PTZ axis control and OSD menu call.

    CVBS camera test:

1 * BNC input, NTSC/PAL (auto setting). PTZ control, RS485 control, baud 600-115200 bps, compatible with more than 30 protocols. Such as PELCO-D/P and so on. Supports PAL / NTSC color bar testing.

    TDR cable break point test

Measure the length of power supplies, BNC cables, network cables, telephone lines, RVV cables, elevator cables and Category 5/6 cables up to 1200 metres. The cable detects if it is not obstructed and accurately determines the preset breaking point.

You can use the included cable tester to test the type of network cable layout and whether it is unlocked.

Rsrteng IPC-9800MOVTADHS Plus+ CCTV Camera Tester
Rsrteng IPC-9800MOVTADHS Plus+ CCTV Camera Tester

  •  Model: IPC-9800MOVTADHS plus +. complete process. 7 inch IPS touch screen, 1920*1200 resolution, supports digital meter, optical power meter, visual troubleshooting, TDR cable test, supports H.265, H.264, 4K, OVIF, PoE, WiFi, 10/100/ 1000M Ethernet, RS485, Audio Input, LED light, Built-in 7500mAh battery.
  • HD coaxial camera test. 8MP TVI camera, 8MP CVI camera, 8MP AHD camera, 8MP SDI camera, CVBS camera test and PTZ control. Built-in "HD Auto" software can automatically adjust the AHD/TVI/CVI axial display. UTC control and OSD menu call. RS485 controller, baud rate 600-115200bps, compatible with more than 30 protocols such as PELCO-D/P, Samsung and Panasonic.
  • 12MP 4K/H.265/H.264 IP Camera Test. Watch videos quickly and automatically and create reviews. IP detection / OVIF / IPC quick test / Read RTSP / Apk client. Hik Test Tool (Start Hik Camera in one click, test photos, change username, password and IP settings). DH Test Tool (DH Camera Test, Username, Change PW and IP Settings). 10/100/1000M Ethernet. Built-in WiFi to create WiFi hotspot.
  • Power supply: built-in 7.6V lithium polymer battery, 7800mAh / 59.28W / h, after 4 hours of charging, the normal working time is 15 hours. Input: DC12V 2A; Output: DC24V 2A, DC12V 3A, DC5V 2A. PoE IEEE802.3af / 48V, max power 25.5W.
  • One year free warranty. Languages: English, Chinese, Korean, Russian, Italian, French, Polish, Spanish, Japanese, etc. Dimensions / Net Weight 9.4 x 5.3 x 1.4 inches / 1.03 kg (2.27 lbs).

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