SideTrak Solo 15.6 4k Portable Monitor for Laptop
SideTrak Solo 15.6 4k Portable Monitor for Laptop

15.6 Inch Sidetrack Solo Portable 4K Monitor | USB Laptop with Dual Screen FHD LED Lights Glare Free | Compatible with Mac, PC and Chrome | Power supply via USB-C or mini-HDMI

 15.6" SideTrak Solo 4K Portable Monitor

SideTrak Solo 4k is a modern 15.6" 4K Ultra HD monitor that plugs into your laptop in seconds and completely changes the way you work and play! This standalone monitor delivers superb picture quality that lets you view stunningly detailed projects while playing games and watching movies while enjoying realistic colors and low latency. Its slim, slim and light design includes HDR, FreeSync, blue light filter, anti-reflective screen, and dynamic contrast, and provides the perfect viewing experience!


Attach the magnetic cover to the back of the SideTrak Solo 4k and open the stand to install your portable standalone monitor.


This laptop monitor is powered by USB-C or HDMI and USB-A ports and can receive video and power streams from almost all devices and operating systems (including Mac laptops, PCs, and Chromium computers).

I walk

This portable monitor is lightweight, durable, and has a stylish design that fits your travel life! Fits most work bags so you can carry it between home and office.

Unstoppable productivity

Use the second screen to update your workspace so it's easy to refer to data and take notes as you work! This portable monitor is also equipped with an anti-blue light filter and an anti-glare screen to reduce eye strain.

Amazing display technology

Use the SideTrak Solo 4k portable monitor for a higher level of spending! The 1000:1 contrast ratio and 3840 x 2160 resolution of this 4K LED laptop screen is ideal for graphic design, photo editing, movies and presentations. By zooming in on this amazing screen, you can easily view more detailed content and keep those details.

Productivity meets mobility

Workplace with two screens to and from the office! This portable monitor features a stylish, lightweight and durable design, built to fit your life on the go.

Switch between work and leisure

Take a break, watch a movie or play your favorite game! The SideTrak Solo 4k portable monitor is built in HDR, FreeSync, and DCR modes to provide a seamless streaming experience. These are also compatible game consoles including PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch.

SideTrak Solo 15.6 4k Portable Monitor for Laptop
SideTrak Solo 15.6 4k Portable Monitor for Laptop

  •  Stunning 4K Ultra HD Display: The 15.6 inch IPS LED anti-glare display provides a bright, colorful and immersive visual experience! Enable HDR and FreeSync modes while watching movies or gaming for low-latency picture realism.
  • Great Compatibility: The HDMI and USB-C ports of the 4K portable monitor enable DisplayPort to be used to stream video and play almost any operating system including Mac, PC, Chrome, PS4, Xbox, and Switch.
  • SLIM AND LIGHTWEIGHT DESIGN: This portable monitor weighs only 2.5 pounds and has a 0.35 inch form factor designed for your life on the go! The SideTrak Solo 4k has a magnetic case and stand so it can be moved around easily. It also fits in most business bags so you can carry it between home and the office.
  • Screen only: This portable monitor has an ultra-narrow bezel that creates a smooth picture and a stylish matte effect.
  • Customizable Settings: Easily adjust brightness, volume, display settings, and screen orientation for a more personalized viewing experience. Don't worry about having to adjust your settings every day, SideTrak Solo will preserve your preferences.

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