Suinsist Calls 10 Sport Modes Bluetooth Smart Watches
Suinsist Calls 10 Sport Modes Bluetooth Smart Watches

Suinsist L13-MA-25 Smart Watch for Android iOS Phones (Call/Call, 10 Sports Modes, Bluetooth) with Sleep Meter, APP Message Reminder, Music Control, IP67 Waterproof Smartwatch for Men

    via bluetooth audio

- Bluetooth calls (call, answer, reject) can only be made after a Bluetooth audio connection

-When the watch is on a call, you can choose to answer the watch or the phone

- This watch also supports multimedia audio which is enabled by default. When playing on YouTube, the audio will play from your watch. The multimedia sound can be turned off: Turn on the Bluetooth function of the device paired with the mobile phone - AK25 TALK - click the settings icon on the right - turn off the multimedia sound

    above water

- This watch is IP67 waterproof, support life water resistance, not support swimming, not support hot shower

    music control

The watch has a built-in speaker that allows you to listen to music and point up/down. At the same time, you can also adjust the volume on the watch and the lyrics will be displayed on the watch.

    music player

Built-in 128MB memory When carrying a mobile phone is not convenient, the watch can be used as an MP3 player or connected to a Bluetooth headset for direct listening to music.

    About the quality of the sound quality

Due to size limitations, the sound quality of the watch cannot be compared to that of a cell phone or other audio systems. Of course, the sound quality of the source files and bluetooth headphones is also affected.

    via bluetooth connection

Our smart watch adopts the latest power saving technology to overcome the problems of fast power consumption and short battery life during normal Bluetooth talking time. After the Bluetooth audio connection is successful, you can use the watch to make/receive calls directly. If the call function is not used within 2 minutes of successful connection, the Bluetooth audio connection will be automatically disconnected.

- When you disconnect and use the watch to make a call, it will automatically reconnect the bluetooth audio, and when a call comes in, the watch will automatically activate the audio connection to answer the call.

    female function

-This only applies to women. If the user is male, this data will not be displayed in the application dashboard. Users can set their personal physiological conditions in the application. The application reminds users through user data that the status of personal information in the female role includes four types: menstruation only, pregnancy, pregnancy and parental leave notification.

Suinsist Calls 10 Sport Modes Bluetooth Smart Watches
Suinsist Calls 10 Sport Modes Bluetooth Smart Watches

  •     [Android and IOS Portable Smart Watches] Suinsist smart watches are compatible with Android 5.0 and IOS 9.0 smartphones; It is the most popular men's watch in 2021; The HD touch screen gives you a clear visual experience and is the best gift for family and friends.
  •     [Built-in Bluetooth call notification, microphone and APP speakerphone, you can sync 10 frequently used contacts through the mobile APP, you can easily call without the mobile phone; You will not miss any important news, you can also configure the app to push the mobile news app watch.
  •     [Healthy Sleep Tracker] Automatically detects your health so that you can clearly understand your body. It can track the quality of your recent sleep, help you better understand your sleep, and make lifestyle choices.
  •     [IP67 waterproof and other functions] IP67 waterproof for life can be worn when washing hands on a rainy day (don't use it in a hot bath or sauna, steam enters the host and damages the watch), the setting functions include volume (multimedia, notification), BT ( Turn on/off clock), clock, phone finder, stopwatch, sedentary reminder, female function, screen brightness time (3-30 seconds), pedometer (kcal, steps, kilometers), etc.
  •     [More than 10 tablets and a comprehensive after-sales warranty; The watch has 5 CDs for easy switching. You can also download more watch faces in the app. If there are quality / usability issues (other than human factors) within 90 days of purchase

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