UNIHOW Wireless Pro Controller Suitable For Nintendo Switch
UNIHOW Wireless Pro Controller Suitable For Nintendo Switch

The UNIHOW Professional Wireless Controller is suitable for Nintendo Switch / Lite Remote Pro Controller-Gamepad. The control switch has 6-axis motion and vibration detection, DIY software and programming functions.

 charged experience

The turbo can also be activated while playing. When using the manual TURBO, you just have to press the button, not several times, it always works. It becomes more convenient if you activate Auto Turbo. You can release the controller to automatically press the button. (When playing in the animal jungle, it is very convenient to use Auto Turbo to gain experience points). Or you can use the Settings + Left / Right buttons to slow down / speed up the sequence.

Vibration experience

By default, the console vibration intensity is 70%. If it is too weak or too strong, you can use "Settings + Up / Down" to increase the vibration, reduce the vibration status or turn it off.

 True 6-axis sensor experience

The controller has a six-axis sensor that can steer the joystick while playing Super Mario Odyssey, causing it to quickly bend and float. Not only that, when I was playing "The Legend of Zelda" I also used a 6-axis sensor to hold amazing bows and arrows and the bow speed made it very impressive. Wow girl.

UNIHOW Wireless Pro Controller Suitable For Nintendo Switch
UNIHOW Wireless Pro Controller Suitable For Nintendo Switch

  •     【DIY Button】Joystick and D-PAD can be switched with the "SET" button. For example, if you have a "Super Smash Bros." Use the joystick or D-PAD to control the direction. You can also use the DIY keyboard shortcut to replace the [AB] \ [XY] position to accommodate the buyer's operating habits. Adjust the TURBO display frequency and vibration intensity. Use the DIY button to activate the memory function. With just one operation, you can create special actions and behaviors
  •     [NINTENDO SWITCH ONLY] Support wired and wireless game modes, stable bluetooth mode or wired mode can be connected. The bluetooth distance is up to 10 meters, which is compatible with "Animal Crossing", "Mario Oak", "Animal Crossing", "Monster Hunter" and other games. Compatible with the latest version 12.0.2. Thanks to the raised grain grip, it also feels comfortable, even when the palm is sweating.
  •     [Sensor + Vibration + Auto/Manual Turbo] Steering control when "Super Mario Odyssey" or 6-axis HD sensor or "Zelda" is on. You can target the attack while performing an attack. High precision vibration, you can see if there are eggs in the game scene, you can manually/automatically set the TURBO to start from the DIY button, for example b. "Animal Crossing", Auto TURBO can tell you if you need some free time, please repeat this process to earn skill points.
  •     [Original 650mAh Li-Polymer Battery] There is a real 650mAh battery in the controller that can be used for 12 hours. It is not used for a long time. You can use the console in wake mode. When the battery is low, the controller can also display the battery status via the indicator light.
  •     [Quality Controller + 12 Months Quality Warranty] The swtich wireless controller is factory approved product, please rest assured that you will buy and use it. If you want to play a quick game, please see our short game guide. For advanced players, please read the detailed English manual for the advanced game. If you have any questions within 12 months of purchasing the product, please feel free to contact the representative and we will deal with it immediately.

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