ViewSonic VA2747-MH 27 Inch Full HD 1080p Monitor
ViewSonic VA2747-MH 27 Inch Full HD 1080p Monitor

ViewSonic VA2747-MH 27 Inch Full HD 1080P Ultra Thin Frame Monitor 75Hz Adaptive Sync Eye Protection HDMI VGA Input, Suitable for Home and Office

The ViewSonic® VA2747-MH delivers flexible connectivity, wide-angle viewing, amazing screen performance, powerful multimedia capabilities, and elegant design at an affordable price. The VA2747-MH uses a frameless MVA panel technology that delivers stunning brightness and contrast at almost any viewing angle. The minimalist design, borderless display, and borderless display make it ideal for nearly transparent multi-display setups. Whether you work in the office or play at home, the VA2747-MH has an HDMI connection and corresponding HDMI cable, which can be flexibly connected to computers, laptops and game consoles. A three-year limited warranty, combined with one of the industry's best pixel performance guidelines, makes the VA2747-MH an excellent choice with great value for money.

Frameless design

The monitor uses a bezel-less screen that provides an immersive viewing experience and easy configuration of multi-screen settings. With a sleek and eye-catching design, this monitor can stand out anywhere and look as good as it performs.

Each box contains an HDMI cable

An HDMI cable is included with this monitor for quick and easy installation. HDMI is a future compatible video standard that delivers true digital sound and picture clarity. The HDMI interface allows this monitor to connect to a variety of high definition devices, including game consoles, Blu-ray players, laptops, digital cameras, and many other devices for a high definition experience.

Incredible screen performance

The screen has an ultra-high resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, delivering stunning pixel-by-pixel image performance. With SuperClear MVA technology and a true 8-bit panel, this monitor delivers the same picture quality, regardless of whether you're looking at the screen from above or below, from the front or from the side. No matter what angle you look from, you can enjoy vibrant colors, stunning clarity, amazing detail, and consistent levels of brightness.

adaptive synchronization

This monitor is equipped with VESA Adaptive-Sync, which can seamlessly synchronize the frame rate output between the graphics card and the monitor. This dynamic refresh rate can effectively eliminate tearing, stutter and ghosting from the image, making your gaming experience smooth.

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Optimize display settings

ViewSonic's unique ViewMode function provides presets for "Game", "Movie", "Network", "Text" and "Mono". These presets improve gamma curve, color temperature, contrast, and brightness to provide an enhanced visual experience for different screen applications.

Improve visual comfort

Flicker-free technology and a blue light filter help avoid eye strain with long-term viewing.

ViewSonic VA2747-MH 27 Inch Full HD 1080p Monitor
ViewSonic VA2747-MH 27 Inch Full HD 1080p Monitor

  •  PERFECT FOR HOME AND OFFICE: The 27" full screen display is perfect for a desktop or laptop computer
  • See the difference: clarity and sharp detail in Full HD (1920 x 1080 pixels)
  • Amazing from every angle: No matter what angle you look at, MVA's thin-edged panels ensure an amazing view
  • ENHANCED COMFORT: Flicker-free technology and blue light filter, all-day comfort
  • No screen tearing: VESA Adaptive Sync automatically calibrates the frame rate so you can enjoy an ultra-smooth gaming experience
  • Flexible connectivity: The VA2747-MH supports a variety of high definition devices including game consoles, Blu-ray, laptops, computers, and digital cameras with HDMI and VGA inputs
  • Maximum warranty period: 3 years warranty period, please contact our US customer service team
  • Box Contains: LCD Monitor, Power Cord, HDMI Cable, Quick Start Guide

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