Wsdcam 5 inch TFT-LCD Screen Camera Tester Monitor
Wsdcam 5 inch TFT-LCD Screen Camera Tester Monitor

Wsdcam 5 Inch TFT LCD 4K 8MP 5 in One Monitor Test Camera CVI TVI AHD SDI CVBS Analog Camera CCTV Tester HDMI VGA Input, Supports PTZ/DC12V Control Output/UTP Cable Tester, 3200-Plus

The 5" TFT LCD Camera Tester is specially designed for the maintenance and installation of HD analog coaxial cameras, CCTV tests, UTP cable tests and other security devices. Get an all-in-one camera tester to make working conditions safer and increase productivity.

  •  Portable CCTV Tester with 5" TFT LCD Screen (No Touch Screen), 800*480 Resolution, Compact Body, Multifunction Use this professional CCTV Tester to facilitate your work
  • Features: HDMI input (support 4K 30FPS) and VGA input (support 1920x1200P 60FPS), can be used to debug DVR / NVR video recorders, can also be used as a monitor
  • Supports up to 8MP TVI, 8MP CVI, 8MP AHD, 8MP EX-SDI / HD-SDI / 3G-SDI HD coaxial camera test and CVBS (Automatic adaptive PAL / NTSC) analog camera test. Note: Network cameras are not supported
  • The camera tester also contains a multifunctional test unit, including a built-in PTZ tester/controller, Auto HD (automatic identification of the type and resolution of a high-definition coaxial camera), UTP cable tester, audio monitoring tester, and DC12V power output
  • The CCTV tester has a 5200mAh lithium battery with a runtime of 6 hours. Portable and easy to carry. Bring your belt and tool bag

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