Wyzlink Solar Rechargeable Outdoor Security Camera
Wyzlink Solar Rechargeable Outdoor Security Camera

Wyzlink 1080P Wireless WiFi Rechargeable Solar Battery Outdoor Security Camera, Motion Detection, Night Vision, Two Channels Audio, IP65 Waterproof

 Wiselink 1080P Wireless 100% Wi-Fi Solar Camera

Our camera is equipped with night vision, passive infrared motion detection, two-way audio, 100% WIFI and many other functions, and it also supports solar cycle charging, giving your family great security.

Two-way audio

Two-way audio makes communication with your family more convenient and allows you to have video and audio with your family anytime and anywhere.

1080P camera.

The 2MP wireless camera system can capture clear and impressive photos and videos, so you can capture all the wonderful moments in or around your home. You can enjoy and play high definition live recordings and recordings.

PIR . motion detection

This wireless camera is a good protection for your family and your family property.

When the PIR detects movement, it will send an alert to our mobile app and start recording within 15 seconds after the movement leaves the detection area.

night vision

The camera is equipped with LED light that can take sharp pictures even at night and provide you with a safe experience at all times.

 solar charge

Under normal lighting conditions, the camera can work all day long as long as you are exposed to sunlight for two hours a day. If your area is well lit, the camera will store the excess energy in the battery

IP65 weatherproof

The camera and solar panel support IP65 waterproof and can be installed outdoors at the same time without worrying about being eroded by rain.

Easy remote monitoring

You can watch the real-time monitoring video on your smartphone, support iOS, Android, tablet, iPad, Windows IE anytime and anywhere.

Wyzlink Solar Rechargeable Outdoor Security Camera
Wyzlink Solar Rechargeable Outdoor Security Camera

  •  Low power consumption and solar charging: If there is no target, it will automatically switch to standby mode. The solar panel system can be easily installed indoors and outdoors without professional help. It is rechargeable and receives continuous solar energy thanks to its own panel. You never have to turn on the power
  • PIR Motion Detection and Real-time Warning: The improved PIR sensor and adjustable sensitivity allow the solar surveillance camera to detect only human movements. When turned on, it will send an instant notification to your phone and automatically save the video to the micro SD/cloud card of your choice. You can easily see what is happening.
  • Real-time remote viewing and playback, two channels of audio: built-in micro SD card slot, can support micro SD card up to 128GB (not included) for local recording. With two-way audio, whether you're at work, on vacation or on the go, you can see, hear and talk to your family and pets, or warn intruders right from your app.
  • 1080P IR Night Vision Clarity: This WiFi camera adopts advanced optical lens to provide you with clear and stunning images to observe the outside world. Automatically switch to night vision and ensure clear vision up to 10m even in the dark.
  • IP65 WATERPROOF AND MULTI-USER SHARE: Wyzlink security camera uses a high quality IP65 waterproof housing that is durable and able to withstand bad weather like rain and snow You can also share your account with your family to keep your family safe together.

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