YAMAY Men Women with Alexa Built-in Smart Watch
YAMAY Men Women with Alexa Built-in Smart Watch

YAMAY Smart Watch for Android phones is compatible with iPhone Samsung 2021 version. The men and women watches have built-in Alexa blood oximeter, heart rate monitor, sleep tracker and 5 ATM waterproof.

Fitness Tracker - Support 14 Sports Modes

Supports 14 sports modes: outdoor running, indoor running, outdoor walking, indoor walking, hiking, outdoor cycling, indoor cycling, cricket, yoga, sports, pool swimming, water swimming Open, kayaking, and oval.

It can track your activities throughout the day including steps, calories burned, distance, heart rate, exercise duration and more. You can also enable GPS location on your phone and follow the path you took. (The watch does not have built-in GPS.)

24-hour heart rate monitoring

With an advanced heart rate sensor, it will automatically monitor your heart rate throughout the day. After activating the continuous heart rate measurement, you can view the daily/weekly/monthly/yearly heart rate graph in the “VeryFit” app; You can also manually track your heart rate in real time on the watch.

(If continuous heart rate measurement is turned on, the green heart rate light will flash every 5 minutes and you can deactivate continuous heart rate measurement during sleep.)

Blood oxygen (SpO2), stress state, sleep monitoring

Manually determine blood oxygen (SpO2) levels and automatically detect pressure status data to monitor your health. When the print data exceed 80, the watch will remind you to relax. You can use breathing exercises to help you relax.

Automatically monitor and analyze your sleep quality throughout the day, providing you with deep sleep, light sleep and wake-up time (only record more than 3 hours of sleep). Our strong silicone rubber band is soft and comfortable to wear and will not disturb you while you sleep.

YAMAY Men Women with Alexa Built-in Smart Watch
YAMAY Men Women with Alexa Built-in Smart Watch

  •  ♥ [Built-in Alexa Smart Watch] - Just talk to Amazon Alexa on the ID206 smart watch, you can easily check the news, check the weather and Amazon shopping list, control smart home devices, activate heart rate / monitor and convert blood oxygen frequency Around the clock, you can control music, search for cell phones, set alarms, timers, and Internet news reminders. As a reminder, the user must log into the same Amazon account and ensure that the connected device also supports Alexa voice function.
  • ♥ [14 Sports Modes & 5 Push-ups Waterproof] - Supports 14 sports: outdoor running, indoor running, outdoor walking, indoor hiking, outdoor cycling, indoor cycling, cricket, yoga, sports, pool swimming In open water, kayaking and elliptical swimming. Accurately record activities during the day, such as: b- Steps, distance, calories and minutes of activity. If your mobile phone's GPS is on, you can view the GPS route of your workout in the VeryFit app. (The watch does not have built-in GPS.) With the 5ATM water-resistant standard, you can wear the watch while swimming.
  • ♥ [Health Tracking Watch] - The ID206 smart watch can automatically monitor real-time heart rate, sleep quality, stress level and blood oxygen saturation (manually). You can also set up stress reminders throughout the day, alcohol reminders, walk reminders, and menstruation reminders. Watches can help you clearly understand your health and live a healthier lifestyle.
  • ♥ [Smart Notification] - When the watch is connected to your watch, you can send real-time reminders to calendar, email, SMS, incoming calls, SNS (Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, etc.) You never miss anything important (you can't use it to make/receive calls or answer text messages). It also has many useful tools like weather notification, 10 alarms, clock stop, timer, deep rest guide, music console and search phone.
  • ♥ [ 1.69 inch full touch screen with custom watch face ] - Enjoy a 1.69 inch full hd touch screen with custom watch face. The bracelet size varies from 5.8 inch to 8.8 inch which is suitable

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