YONGQING Wireless Pro Controller Gamepad for Switch
YONGQING Wireless Pro Controller Gamepad for Switch

YONGQING Wireless Gamepad Remote Control Joystick is used to switch console, controller and adjustable turbo vibration

Note the YongQing Nintendo Switch Wireless Controller
This Switch Pro controller supports gyro axle, dual vibration motors, analog joystick and turbo function, with 3 adjustable turbo speed levels (5 rpm, 12 rpm and 20 rpm) and auto shot function, buttons Highly sensitive ensures accurate gaming experience, Turbo function enables you to play arcade games or action games easily.
The Switch Controller is suitable for all Switch games. You can also play popular games like Splatoon 2, Zelda and Mario Kart 8. A popular item as the latest model of the Switch game console! Makes a great gift for family entertainment, parties and game lovers.
First connection steps: When the product is turned off, press and hold the "H" key for about 5 seconds, the 1234 screen on the gamepad will flash at the same time and after about 5 seconds the connection to the host will be successful.
Automatic connection steps: the host and the console can reconnect after hibernation. Just hold down the "H" key for two seconds, the 1234 indicator will flash slowly for five seconds, and the host will automatically reconnect.
Computer Connection Steps: After closing the gamepad, directly connect the TYPE-C data cable. Gamepad 2 and 4 lights are always on, and the button on the side of the computer indicates that the XBOX 360 console has been holding the "H" button for 3 seconds. If indicator 2 is still lit, it will automatically switch to normal computer mode.
Vibration adjustment steps: The default vibration intensity is 100%. After connecting to the host, press and hold the screenshot button, then tap the minus sign. Vibration intensity 70% There are four vibration levels 0, 40, 70 and 100. Click the plus sign to increase the vibration.
Please refer to the product packaging guide for details.

YONGQING Wireless Pro Controller Gamepad for Switch
YONGQING Wireless Pro Controller Gamepad for Switch

  •     Yongqing Nintendo Switch Pro Controller is fully compatible with Nintendo Switch / Switch Lite as well as Windows PC and Android Phone and provides perfect support for Nintendo games. You do not need to install drivers.
  •     When used with the console, no drivers need to be loaded and the handle can be used when paired with the host.
  •     Support spindle function and dual motor vibration function. Built-in Sensor - Ultra-sensitive main sensor provides precise gaming experience. Dual analog joysticks and advanced actuators ensure precise motion control without dead ends
  •     Bluetooth V2.1 + EDR connects to the console within 10 meters, fast, stable and strong interference suppression ability (obstacle-free environment)
  •     Built-in 3.7V/500mAh lithium battery, it can be used continuously for 8-10 hours after fully charged, and the charging cable in the package can be charged for 2-3 hours.
  •     The wireless controller has a lightweight and ergonomic body that makes you feel comfortable even if you keep playing games. The handle is non-slip, even if the hand gets sweaty in the violent game, it will not slip.
  •     Please use a USB data cable to connect the Switch pro controller to the computer. Wireless connection to the computer is not supported. Disconnect the USB cable before pairing the controller with the switch. Please do not charge. This device does not have NFC technology or alarm function.

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