ZOSI C306 Wire Free Rechargeable 1080P Security Camera
ZOSI C306 Wire Free Rechargeable 1080P Security Camera

ZOSI C306 Wireless Rechargeable Battery Powered 1080P Security Camera, 80ft Night Vision, Two-Way Audio, Motion Detection, Projector, Outdoor & Home Office Monitoring, Cloud Storage/SD Slot

Intelligent PIR sensor and person recognition

With the ZOSI C306, you always know what you love, with PIR technology, accurate person recognition, push alarm plus light and sound alarm system. The C306 WiFi camera combines passive infrared dual trigger technology and human sensing that distinguishes the human body from other moving objects (such as flying insects or passing vehicles) and instantly reminds you of problems via smartphone.

Stay connected anytime, anywhere

How's it going at home? With ZOSI C306, you can see and hear what's happening in your home anytime and anywhere. Whether you are on a business trip, on a business trip for the weekend or just leaving your kids at home for a few hours, you can watch live HD apps on the cloud side at home and in the office remotely on your smartphone or tablet via smartphone or tablet.

Listen to one another

Not only can you keep track of what's going on at home because it has a built in microphone and speaker, but you can also use the camera to listen and talk with the C306. At home, talk to your kids, play with your pets, or even issue a warning and respond to the burglar without coming face to face. Therefore, do not risk blocking unwanted visitors.

Scheduled movement records and real-time alerts

The camera informs you of every moving event via push notifications that are sent to the smartphone. You can also schedule sports recordings so that the camera plays sports recordings only for the time period you specify. Turn off motion alarms on specific days and times and control sensor sensitivity to dramatically reduce unnecessary false positives.

Easy-to-use layout company

Use the easy-to-use video playback feature to quickly and easily view all your recorded footage. Simply select the date and time on the timeline and the highlighted lines indicate the recorded motion events, and you can easily play the shots two, four times or even at your preferred speed.

ZOSI C306 Wire Free Rechargeable 1080P Security Camera
ZOSI C306 Wire Free Rechargeable 1080P Security Camera

  •  [No Power Cord, Power Source Via Rechargeable Battery] - The rechargeable battery and WiFi connection make the system 100% wireless, which means you can work with long-life Li-ion batteries without cables. (Reminder: Fully charged when using it for the first time). You can also charge via a 2A power adapter or use ZOSI solar panels to supply power continuously. (ZOSI inverters and solar modules are available separately.)
  • [IP66 Weather Resistance, Reliable Local Storage And Cloud Services - ZOSI C306 Outdoor Line Charger Battery Camera features an IP66 weatherproof design that can be used reliably outdoors for many years even in bad weather conditions. warehouse. Note: A micro SD card (8G to 128G) is required for recording (micro SD card is not included). Free cloud service support for 7 days.
  • [Passive Infrared Motion Detection and Motion Alert] - The camera adopts advanced passive infrared detection technology, which can achieve intelligent human detection to send an alert to your loved ones. No one can pass the motion without your attention. Use snapshots and alerts from apps stored on your mobile device.
  • [80 Feet of Night Vision, Intelligent Lighting, Voice Alarm, Two-Way Audio] - The camera is alert and ready for any potential danger with a smart light and sound alarm system manually triggered by human or controlled motion events to keep you out of trouble. Built-in bright white light and loud siren (Provides double insurance so that you are protected even when you fall asleep. Built-in microphone and speaker, you can listen and talk through the camera.)
  • [Mobile phone remote access] - Connect directly to the 2.4G wireless router to install and use the camera. View and playback of the camera in real time on iOS and Android. Always take care of your Mai company

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