Russian hackers attacked the republican system
Russian hackers attacked the republican system

Bloomberg reported that Russian hackers affiliated with the Cozy Bear organization were behind the attack on Synnex last week. Synnex is a contractor that provides information technology services to the Republican National Committee (RNC). The attack may have revealed information about the organization.

A spokesman for the Republican National Committee denied hacking the organization's systems. However, he confirmed that Synnex, one of its IT providers, had been hacked.

In response to this attack, the Republican National Committee released the following statement: We have learned that third-party provider Synnex has been hacked. We have blocked your Synnex account from accessing our cloud environment.

"Our team worked with Microsoft to review our system," she added. There is no data with the Republican National Committee. We will continue to work with Microsoft and federal law enforcement agencies on this matter.

In a July 6 statement, Synnex also confirmed that it was aware of attempts by third parties to access client applications in a Microsoft cloud environment via Synnex under certain circumstances.

The company said it was reviewing the attack with Microsoft and third-party security firms.

The way enterprise software interacts with the Microsoft Cloud works in some ways similar to the SolarWinds 2020 hack.

Russian hackers attacked the republican system

Members of Cozy Bear, who collaborated with the Russian foreign intelligence service SVR, are highly suspected of tampering with the SolarWinds system for illegal purposes.

The SolarWinds hacker leaked information from more than 100 companies and government organizations. It also undermines tools that cybersecurity companies use to prevent attacks like FireEye.

There are also similarities between GNC hackers, DNC hackers, and Hillary Clinton's 2016 presidential campaign.

As a result, this breach and thousands of emails leaked via WikiLeaks led to the prosecution of 12 members of the GRU. This is a Russian military intelligence agency affiliated with another Russian hacker group called Fancy Bear.

The GNC attack came during a wave of ransomware attacks targeting critical infrastructure and businesses in the United States.

Additionally, Bloomberg reported that Cozy Bear could use these ransomware attacks as cover.

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