Samsung confirms that Galaxy Z Fold 3 supports S Pen

Samsung didn't have many surprises at its Unpacked event on August 11th. The leak revealed the Galaxy Z Fold 3, Galaxy Z Flip 3, a pair of new Galaxy smartwatches, and the new Galaxy Buds 2 headphones.

Continuing with the recent tradition, the company's mobile director posted a post before the event to confirm some news, set expectations, and point out additional details.

The company's mobile leader has promised to improve the durability of its foldable screen and stylus support, and Samsung won't be releasing a new Note phone this time around.

There are new foldable phones this year, said the official in charge of the mobile devices division. The third generation of foldable devices offers amazing new opportunities for multitasking and improved durability.

The key word worth paying attention to is improved durability, a theme repeated by the cellular industry leader when talking about the Galaxy Z Flip 3. He wrote: This phone's design is more refined and the material is more durable and stable.

Successive releases of Samsung's foldable phones have improved the durability of the screen, starting with the fiasco of the first abandoned product, through a polished plastic screen, and finally ultra-thin glass.

It is not clear what steps the South Korean company is taking to further improve sustainability. But there is still room for improvement.

A recent leak suggested that these two foldable phones may have IPX8 water resistance
, which could be part of the durability.

Durability is a key feature of foldable phones, especially for the upcoming Galaxy Z Fold 3. The head of the mobile devices department confirmed that it supports the stylus.

This may not apply to the current S Pen, which is designed for the Galaxy S21 Ultra, but the head of the mobile division said that Samsung will launch its first S Pen for foldable phones.

Samsung confirms that Galaxy Z Fold 3 supports S Pen

Recent leaks suggest that the Galaxy Z Fold 3 has a box to store the new S Pen. The stabilizer is located directly in the middle behind the joint.

The head of the mobile division indicated that the Galaxy Note will be launched later this year. He wrote: This time it is not about introducing the new Galaxy Note. We're expanding popular Galaxy Note functionality to other Galaxy devices.

Samsung has hinted that it may discard the Galaxy Note, which was released in March this year. Presenting two groundbreaking models could become a burden within a year, she said at the time.

This most likely indicates a persistent shortage of chips. But overall, there are other question marks on the Galaxy Note.

The Galaxy S21 now supports the stylus, and the main feature of the Galaxy Note seems to be that there is a place to store the stylus.

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