Twitter adds captions to audio tweets
Twitter adds captions to audio tweets

Twitter is now announcing the release of translations of audio tweets. The platform first launched audio tweets in June 2020. At the time, it was quickly criticized by accessibility advocates for the lack of subtitles.

According to the platform's tweet as an announcement, this release aims to improve accessibility features.

Twitter now allows subtitles to be created automatically when users record audio tweets.

Users can click the CC'CC button in the upper right corner of the audio tweets window to view the subtitles.

Subtitles only appear in new audio tweets, so you won't see them in old tweets.

Subtitles are provided in supported languages ​​including English, Spanish, Arabic, Korean, Japanese, Italian, Hindi, French, Portuguese, Turkish and English.

When the feature was first launched, Twitter was unable to access audio tweets.

Instead, the social media company relies on volunteers to access features.

As part of our ongoing work to make Twitter more accessible to everyone, we are introducing the automatic captioning feature for audio tweets on iOS.

“Although it's very early days, we know it won't be perfect at first, but it's one of the many steps we've taken to expand and improve the accessibility of the entire service. We look forward to continuing our journey to create a one-stop shop."

Twitter adds subtitles to audio tweets

The Twitter voiceover functionality was first introduced in June 2020. Currently only available for iOS.

To record an audio tweet, the user must first click on the compose icon and then tap on the audio icon.

Click the red button to start recording and click Finish to stop recording.

As with any other tweet, users can choose to include text. Users can also create multiple audio tweets to create discussion threads.

The maximum duration for audio tweets is 2 minutes and 20 seconds per audio tweet. Records that exceed this length are automatically converted to threads.

The maximum number of Tweets in a Voice Tweet thread is 25. Users should also note that Voice Tweets cannot be used to reply to or quote Tweets.

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