AMD achieves unprecedented profits at the expense of Intel
AMD achieves unprecedented profits at the expense of Intel

A new report claims that AMD has successfully hit the highest processor market share since the release of the Athlon 64 over 14 years ago.

The processor market is still a race track between AMD and Intel. But Intel has always been in a leading position. However, after moving away from previous years, AMD has finally been able to get back in the game.

Since launching the successful Zen series of processors four years ago, the manufacturer has improved its position even further. It can attract new groups of users thanks to the modern infrastructure used in Zen processors, Zen 2, and now Zen 3.

Mercury Research has analyzed the x86 processor market, which includes processors for desktop computers, laptops, and game consoles, as well as server chips.

According to Mercury Research for the second quarter of 2021, AMD's share of the x86 market increased to 22.5% while Intel grew by 77.5%, indicating that the company is "constantly improving."

With Intel and AMD dominating the market, AMD's rise to power means Intel's failure. Data from the second quarter of 2020 shows that Intel's current position is down more than 4% at 77.5%.

However, AMD has not seen any general progress. The company is facing a downward trend in desktop processors.

In the first quarter of this year, AMD's market share in this segment was 19.3%. Although it is now 17.1% while Intel is 82.9%.

On the other hand, AMD's position in laptops and server processors is on the rise, rivaling Epyc Xeon processors.

AMD achieves unprecedented profits at the expense of Intel

The low market share of desktop processors can be attributed to the persistent shortage of chips.

The entire tech industry is affected by this shortage, from cars to graphics cards to processors and gaming platforms.

AMD could choose to focus on gaming platforms and laptop processors, which would allow Intel to fill the space in the desktop PC market.

Mercury Research said, “Suppliers with limited market capacity should choose the industry in which they develop their products.

"It appears that AMD replaced desktop processor production with more notebook and platform processors in the second quarter," she added. At the same time, Intel replaced low-quality laptop processors with desktop processors.

Although Intel can't be beat by a wide margin. But the past few years have been the company's most successful since 2007.

Its greatest success is still attributed to the Athlon 64. At that time, its market share of x86 processors in the fourth quarter of 2006 was 25.3%.

With the introduction of the next generation of processors, Intel overtook them. The Intel Alder Lake processor is due to hit the market later this year. Introduced DDR5 memory, PCI Express 5.0, and new slots.

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