Twitter is testing new features to improve space exploration
Twitter is testing new features to improve space exploration

Twitter is currently testing a new option that will allow space hosts to add hashtags to rooms to increase coverage.

The platform now wants to focus more on the sound room, adding its own tab and new highlighters.

The platform also focuses on improving room discoverability to ensure that each user is reminded of the most relevant voice chats that match their own interests.

When creating an audio room, the host can quickly add up to three discussion topics and then tag the room to users interested in those topics.

This can be an essential step. It depends on what people find in the live broadcast.

While anyone can stream at any time, it can bring great benefits in terms of communication and sharing. But once everyone can go live, the overall quality will drop very quickly. It can be difficult to filter experience-related content in the News Feed.

This has been one of the main criticisms of Clubhouse lately, as the gradual expansion of the app's access permissions has resulted in there being too many rooms and it's nearly impossible to find relevant, high-quality broadcasts in the app.

Twitter is testing new features to improve space exploration

Space is subject to the same risks. Although you have to rely on algorithms to highlight the most relevant rooms for each user. Adding topics can be another way to filter broadcasts and find the best live chats at any time.

Apparently, Facebook detected this problem and tried to fix it with its real-time audio tool. Puts the group at the center of the audio discussion. This means that it is limited to chat rooms where each user expresses an interest.

This can help provide audio recommendations of topics that are relevant to each user.

Twitter and the Clubhouse have taken a more general approach to making each cat more discoverable. But as the supply increases, it will lead to more problems and the demand for effective classification will increase.

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