Android 12 refers to other Google plans besides the Pixel 6
Android 12 refers to other Google plans besides the Pixel 6

The Google Pixel 6 is one of the biggest Android phones of 2021, and it's a popular opinion after its specifications were leaked. The series will eventually have the latest specifications and new designs. On the other hand, Android 12 has already revealed Google's future plans.

The projected system indicates future projects with its latest beta. The headlines here are the Pixel foldable phone and the mid-range Pixel 6a phone.

These tips were discovered while reviewing the source code for the latest beta version. The new phone's codename has been discovered, as have the Pixel 6's codename "Auriol" and the Pixel 5's codename "Redfin."

Android 12 reveals Google's plans after Pixel 6

The new beta reveals three codenames, the first of which are "Bluejay" and "Pipit". The difference between these two codenames is that they are bird species names, just like the names of other Pixel versions before.

It can be concluded that these codenames in Android 12 are ordinary mobile phones and, of course, published solutions. The third codename is "Whitefin" which is a type of fish.

The latter seems to have different reviews and the strongest belief is that the product comes with a new processor made by the same company. It differs from the previous version that came with Qualcomm processors.

on the other side. Whitefin can be a trial product, nothing more. Above all, a codename similar to "Needlefish" appeared on Google in 2019, but eventually did not become a commercial product.

Let's go back to the other code names. Bluejay and Pipit are the products most susceptible to exposure. On the other hand, the foldable Pixel phone codename “Passport” is expected to appear, but it did not happen in the latest beta version of Android 12.

Currently, the codename "Bluejay" should replace "Passport" in foldable Pixel phones.

The nickname "Pipit" generally refers to the mid-range version of the Google Pixel 6a. According to the leak, the Pixel 6 is a flagship phone in all respects and thus increases the expected density, so Google has to offer a cheap version.

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