Android journey before buying through Google
Android journey before buying through Google

Android was acquired in the middle of 2005. But at the beginning of the year, the situation of the development team was not ideal. Since the company was in a difficult environment at that time, it urgently needed financial resources.

The startup must then create a beta version of the system. In addition, this version is mainly used to showcase its features and what Android can offer. This demo was produced by Andy McFadden, Brian Sweetland, and Chris White.

After the trial ended and the system demo was completed, several companies were invited to settle. This is because it offers real investment value. Note that one of its companies is Google.

Google Stories for Android

In its early days, the system was an ideal marketing tool in itself. As he mentioned in his speech, the first message is that annual PC sales are 178 million units, while the number of smartphones is 675 million.

At that time, people realized that the market had become too big for personal computers to cover. While the smartphone itself can now provide enough specs for most tasks, there is a chance.

At the time, Android was planned to be completely open source. However, this decision was invalidated because it would give manufacturers a lot of freedom to use the system without referring to the company and no chance of profit.

At the time, it made sense for manufacturers to develop their own systems. Like Blackberry and Nokia. In addition, the different programming languages ​​between the companies and the different applications between them somehow make things difficult.

However, Android managed to find the perfect look. Because the system is mainly based on Linux kernel. It also offers the components required to integrate the system with different smartphones. In addition to relying on a programming language and facilitating the process of installing Android on any phone of any company.

make a profit

But the next question for this pioneering company is how to make a profit. Funded investors may love and support the idea of ​​open source software, but when it comes to profitability, there has to be a way to make it happen.

At the time, the company relied on its profits by ordering and selling mobile phones. But that's not how Android works. But the first logical source of income for Android is contracts. Whether for telecom service providers, application developers, or others.

At this point, Android is looking for funds to actually start developing the system. The company has made numerous attempts in several ways, including an interview with Google.

Google co-CEO Larry Page met Andy McFadden in early January. Other people attended the meeting, and the head of Google complimented the cell phone of Andy, who worked before her at T-Mobile. At the end of the meeting, Larry Page said, "We want to help you."

Although this meeting was full of hope and encouragement, time passed and nothing new happened. So much so that Andy thinks the center of the conference is Danger, which he founded and left in 2003.

Android didn't stop there. The team traveled to South Korea to try to sign contracts with Samsung and HTC, but that didn't work out. Although the head of Samsung's smartphone division was enthusiastic about the deal, the company's development team mocked Android.

The team made up of many people continues to look for opportunities. Until Google invited them to a new conference, but there were more people at that conference, Google said it had to buy Android.

Android is no longer dependent on cellular carriers, but can partner with these companies and make profits independently without controlling Android.

It was only at the time that Larry Page realized that the Android takeover is actually a powerful gesture, because it is a small business takeover and, on the other hand, it allows entry into new territories and regions.

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