Asus prepares to launch Windows 11
Asus prepares to launch Windows 11

ASUS has developed its own series of motherboards for Windows 11. Motherboard manufacturers have released BIOS updates for several chipsets, including, as of 2017, chipsets that support Intel Kaby Lake processors.

As the introduction of the new operating system approaches, all hardware vendors, including motherboard manufacturers, are preparing and releasing compatible firmware and other associated software to further support the operating system.

Supports Intel and AMD chipsets. These new BIOS updates automatically enable Trusted Platform Module (TPM) on AMD and Intel systems.

Trusted Platform Module (TPM) is the minimum system requirement for Windows 11, and this change created some confusion after many users realized that this option was not enabled in their PC's BIOS. Or it is confusingly referred to as PTT or PSP fTPM in the BIOS settings.

Microsoft's upgrade app for Windows 11 did not initially resolve this confusion. So it's encouraging to see major manufacturers like ASUS now enable TPM by default so people don't have to search.

The company plans to support various motherboards for Windows 11. However, not all motherboard models have received the required updates, and many are still being tested and finalized.

And Neowin found a complete list of motherboards of the Taiwanese company that are compatible with Windows 11. So you need to check if your system has a pending update.

Asus prepares to launch Windows 11

If you bought a PC pre-installed and you're not sure which motherboard it's on, you should be able to find the listed form by going to Start, Run, msinfo32 or System Information in Windows 10's navigation.

You can also use third-party tools like CPU-Z or Speccy to find your motherboard model.

ASUS is not alone in supporting Windows 11 motherboards. Gigabyte, ASRock, Biostar, and MSI have all published a list of systems that support Windows 11.

It is not clear when Windows 11 will be available as a free upgrade for Windows 10 users.

And Microsoft has officially announced that it will arrive on time for Christmas. But the software giant continues to point to a release date in October.

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