Augmented reality can be heard
Augmented reality can be heard

Users of in-ear headphones are hesitant to share with others because they are mostly personal items. It is also used in sensitive areas. However, the use of augmented reality with audio may require this.

In the era of wired headphones, users struggle to achieve a shared listening experience. Since the length is usually not enough, AirPods wireless headphones fixed this problem from the start.

One entrepreneur is very concerned about this. That prompted him to launch an app called PairPlay. As the name suggests, this app allows friends, partners, children or others to imagine and simulate unique scenes with just sound.

Augmented reality audio experience

PairPlay provides an excellent audio experience. As mentioned above, it is based on a group listening by two people at the same time. When using it, everyone looks different views. It comes in the form of a ring.

The audio content consists of separate episodes and each episode has a different role for each of the two characters. In one episode, one could be a robot and the other a human, and in another episode they could all be agents of the organization.

The app has spread to a large number of users after starting the beta version. In fact, the app is free for everyone and all episodes are currently available for free.

The app is only available in English and you can expect iPhones and AirPods to work. Users who have tried it disagree with its quality. Some praised it, others strongly criticized it, calling it ridiculous.

Perhaps the PairPlay feature isn't as important as the idea itself, as by swapping roles for audio content, users mistakenly believe they are someone else living in another world.

The startup behind the app has only 5 employees and has already received several investments from well-known companies and app founders such as YouTube, Tumblr, Oculus, Venmo, GroupMe and EventBrite.

Company founder Jonathan Wegener believes AirPods can do more than just listen to music for users. Only with sound can augmented reality be simulated, which relies on building different continuous layers to shape the surrounding world. Especially if the user closes his eyes during this time.

But there is no doubt that with the improvement of wireless headphones, especially Apple headphones, this experience continues to improve. And the adoption of soundproofing, surround sound and other technologies.

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