Best CPU and Graphics Card Temperature for Gaming
Best CPU and Graphics Card Temperature for Gaming

Playing games on PC is not an easy process. Because in order to achieve the best performance while gaming, the device must work as hard as possible and this high load also leads to a significant increase in temperature.

A gaming computer is made up of several parts. The most important of these components are the CPU and the GPU. These parts are exposed to high temperatures because they perform many heavy tasks.

If you use the device for difficult tasks (such as gaming), then you should pay attention to the temperature. And try to get the perfect temperature while playing and using it.

The best playing temperature

The ideal temperature for each room is determined by self-measurement. Not to be measured at room temperature or in the surrounding area. The ideal gaming temperature for the CPU and GPU is 65-75 degrees Celsius.

If the device is used at this level, then there is no problem for the user. A maximum of 85 ° C is also possible, but only if the processor or graphics card is overclocked. This value is acceptable for short term use rather than long term use.

If the user exceeds the maximum temperature, the device will not explode or its components will melt. In fact, modern computers solve this problem in several ways, especially when the temperature rises, it reduces the performance of components.

How does the temperature rise?

The temperature of the internal components is normal. But if this increase became semi-permanent repeatedly, it would undoubtedly pose a threat to the material.

Probably the number one cause of overheating is dust and dirt. Its accumulation in the internal components of the computer, especially the graphics card and the CPU, prevents cooling and, accordingly, increases heat.

Another very important reason is poor air circulation. It is recommended to use a large computer case with multiple fans installed correctly. This means that any damaged or stopped fan will damage the device and must be replaced.

The user can monitor the temperature of the computer and its components using HWMonitor software. Use special software from the manufacturer to monitor the temperature and fix some of its problems, such as AMD Ryzen Master and Intel's Extreme Tuning.

And cleaning your computer, whether it's a tablet or a desktop, can help extend its life. In summer, this situation is improved by lowering the room temperature using an air conditioning system. When assembling a new device, it is advisable to choose a graphics card with three fans instead of two or one.

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