Can Xiaomi maintain its leading position in the mobile phone market?
Can Xiaomi maintain its leading position in the mobile phone market?

Xiaomi has been very successful in the past few years, especially in 2020. The company has successfully replaced Huawei as the third largest smartphone manufacturer in 2020.

The Chinese company later managed to replace Apple as the second largest smartphone maker in the first quarter of 2021. At that time, the company won 17% of the smartphone market while Apple occupied 14%.

According to a study by CounterPoint Research, the company unexpectedly jumped to the number one spot in June of last year. And it occupies 17.1% of the smart phone market while Samsung 15.7%.

This is what happens when Samsung took the lead for many years. The main question is: can Xiaomi keep the number one position forever?

Xiaomi moved to the front row

Huawei has been hit hard by US sanctions in recent years. Because of the person's misfortune and benefit, Xiaomi has benefited greatly from Huawei's position. In fact, the competition between the two is quite fierce, especially in the lower price range.

In July last year, Huawei was removed from the list of the top five smartphone manufacturers. By combining these activities, Chinese competitors have been able to expand their influence in more than 100 markets around the world, and competition from Huawei in these markets is fierce.

The European market is perhaps one of the most important. In this market, the company experienced an estimated growth of 50%, as seen in Africa and Latin America.

The situation in the smartphone market

The Chinese company has had great success with its 5G-enabled mobile phones. Perhaps his good relationship with European telecom service providers will help him achieve this goal.

Interestingly, Xiaomi took third place after Huawei exit and Apple took second place after exit. But the elimination of Samsung from the beginning is a historic event.

Samsung has held its position for more than a decade, and Huawei has also competed for the position with the South Korean giants, but each time it has ended in failure.

Obviously, unlike the old Samsung, Xiaomi is currently in adulthood. Compared to last year, Xiaomi is said to have grown by 83%, while Samsung is only 8%.

Samsung should reclaim its position, especially since recent research shows the market share gap between the two companies is less than 1%. However, if Xiaomi can continue to do the same activities, it can take this position and hold it for a long time.

There is no doubt that Xiaomi needs to enter the US market more aggressively in order to gain additional market share in the smartphone market. However, due to the ongoing problems between China and the United States, this is not easy.

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