Collaborative video capabilities we still need
Collaborative video capabilities we still need

Group video calls are the lifeblood of many companies around the world. Business team needs to meet frequently to achieve harmony.

Although the video communication applications have reached an advanced level of maturity, users still lack some features and functions that inevitably prefer conference calls.

The nature of these calls depends on the different nature of the relationship between the persons involved. Perhaps the benefits that video calls may require in the future will depend more on personal morals than on technological advances.

Group video call

Anyone can go through difficult days. However, many people tend to reflect this negative effect on others through group video calls. Perhaps it could threaten the collective relationship between people in unimaginable ways.

Perhaps an app meant for group video calling needs a feature to show the user in some way that they are speaking inappropriately or too nervous, and perhaps AI can play an important role in this context.

On the other hand, when making a group video call, it often happens that two people talk to each other. The second function that these calls may require is to automatically manage the conversation.

Here it is difficult to manage the dialogue from a human point of view. Perhaps the ideal dialogue management technology should also rely on artificial intelligence. In addition, there are some visual functions, such as setting the speaking time for each person or assigning roles to the participants. .

This feature can help reduce one of the most common out of context problems. This often happens during conference calls.

This type of smart job can also agree on the vision or method of communication between employees of different work teams, but this type of application can be a bit futuristic and difficult to verify.

The flow of information during social calls is very important. Sometimes, many users may not share important information with others, provided that they are already aware of it.

Video calling systems generally need to be smarter and more efficient. In addition, it is an integrated, participatory social activity, a concept that needs to be adopted by today's most popular video communication applications (such as Zoom) or dedicated team applications.

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