iOS 15 automatically removes flare from photos
iOS 15 automatically removes flare from photos

It looks like Apple's latest iOS 15 beta has slightly improved photos by fixing green lens flare that can appear on external photos.

Although it has been two months since Apple previewed iOS 15, there is still new information about the upcoming iPhone operating system.

Many iPhone users suffer from the green dot, and nothing seems to change when taking photos because there is still light in the viewfinder.

But when looking at the final image, the stray light is nowhere to be seen.

This appears to be the result of all photo post-processing because using Apple's Halo Live Photo feature allows you to use alternate (and less editing) frames.

It is not yet known which iPhone models it will work on. One user reported that he removed the green dot from his iPhone XS. Another person said that this does not apply to the iPhone 8 Plus.

This functionality should be limited to phones with A12 Bionic processor or higher (eg iPhone XS, iPhone XR and later).

While this feature is only available on newer phones, it's no surprise since some iOS 15 features (like FaceTime text or real-time portrait mode) require the A12 Bionic as a prerequisite.

As with beta features, the features we see here may change or disappear with the next release. However, it seems that Apple is trying to get rid of the green dots that appear on photos from time to time.

iOS 15 removes flare from photos

It's great to see that Apple can still use this feature to improve the iPhone's camera while maintaining photo realism.

In iOS 15, Apple made a lot of people familiar with the camera feature through FaceTime. A portrait video mode (with a blurred background) and a noise-isolating microphone setup are key features that will accompany the upcoming iPhone operating system.

For video effects, you can turn on portrait mode in FaceTime calls. This will isolate the face and body and apply a background blur effect to everything else in the photo. Similar to taking pictures in the main camera app.

There is also a real-time text feature that allows users to transcribe texts, phone numbers, and addresses into the captured image.

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