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The new Apple Watch uses the same processor as its predecessor

Apple's VR glasses plan continues

Apple is expanding its test team for autonomous driving

Apple's next big tech company missed the iPhone 13 event

iPhone 13 battery capacity increased dramatically

HomePod mini has become the default speaker for Apple TV

Why didn't Apple launch iPhone 13 as iPhone 12S?

Apple and Google under pressure from the Russian government

Rumors about Apple products are no longer confirmed

The new iPad mini does not support mmWave 5G technology

Important details about iPhone 13

Apple announces the end of the iPhone 64GB era

Apple removes FlickType keyboard from its App Store after copying it

Apple confirms iPhone 13 battery life has improved

Apple iPhone 13 supports dual eSIM for the first time

Buying a new Apple Watch band gets even more confusing

Apple iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 will be released on September 20

Apple event focuses on broadcasting

Apple discontinues iPhone XR and iPhone 12 Pro

Apple has launched a new MagSafe wallet Find My supports

Apple launched iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max

Apple announces iPhone 13 with a redesigned camera

The new Apple Watch has a new look

Apple launches the new iPad mini in new colors

Apple launches the new iPad with the A13 chip

Apple releases a security update to close spy vulnerabilities

Apple's first terabyte iPhone will be available tomorrow

Apple continues to develop project for self-driving cars

Apple must allow other forms of in-app purchases

Apple exaggerates Mac malware problems

Apple will not return Fortnite to its store in South Korea

Apple overcomes the problem of smartwatch manufacturing

Apple will hold its next event on September 14

Apple may release a new version of the MagSafe charging disk

Will Apple developers benefit from changes to the App Store?

Is Apple building a search engine to rival Google?

Apple tops the list of smartwatches

Apple glasses must be connected to an iPhone to be used

Apple could release a new watch this month

Apple will ask you before promoting you in iOS 15

Apple allows reader apps to link to the web to record

Apple delays controversial child protection features

Apple wants a watch with more health tracking options

Arizona is the first to add driver's licenses to Apple's portfolio

Your next Apple Watch may be delayed due to manufacturing issues

The iPhone 13 satellite function is used in emergency situations

Apple only cares about user privacy not employee privacy

Apple Watch has a flat side and a larger screen

iPhone 13 has satellite connection

Apple launches service plan for audio issues on iPhone 12

Apple changed the main rules of the App Store

Apple introduces publishers to new offers in Apple News

With the M1X Apple wants to bring a high-end Mac mini to the market

Apple has been ordered to abandon the plan to check its devices

The leaker who was a double agent for Apple

Apple developed the iPhone nano in 2010

Apple accused of censoring product embossing

SharePlay will not be included when iOS 15 is released

Apple's CSAM shows the need for digital rights

Is Apple turning the iPhone mini into a foldable phone?

Apple AirPods get Find My functionality

Apple sues $300 million patent

The Apple Child Safety Program consists of several phases

Everything you need to know about Apple's Child Safety Program

iPhone 13 has a portrait video mode

Apple defends its way of preventing child abuse

Apple prepares to launch new MacBook Pro

Apple is negotiating with South Korean partners to develop a car

What Apple products are expected this year?

Apple's child safety program has received a lot of criticism

Apple fights child abuse images

Apple scans photos stored on its device

Does Apple dominate the group view via SharePlay?

iOS 15 automatically removes flare from photos

Apple launches a major redesign of its online store

Apple has an ambitious goal to bring the iPhone 13. Production

Apple lets programmers create apps on the iPad

Apple needs to standardize charging ports for its devices

Apple is the most profitable company in the world

Apple's timeline for the transition to its processors

Apple continues to dominate the tablet market

Everything you need to know about Apple's foldable phone

Why Apple hates leaks about its products

Apple ignores the exploitation of workers in suppliers' factories

Apple warns of iPhone and iPad sales

iPhone 14 Pro can be equipped with a titanium case

Apple will bring Face ID to Mac computers within two years

Apple may skip the number 13 when naming the next iPhone for strange reasons

iPhone 13 rumors confirmed further ahead of launch

Apple wants you to buy things without paying for them right away

Apple introduces MagSafe battery for iPhone 12

Apple Mac sales continue to rise in the second quarter

The redesigned iPad mini will be available this fall

iPhone 13 leaks give us a look at the next Apple phones

2022 iPad Pro 11 inch mini LED

Apple AirPort Time Capsule Warning

Apple is developing a widescreen iPhone for under $900

Apple drops the Touch Bar in the next MacBook Pro

Apple provides Mac OS X Lion and Mountain Lion for free

Kensington StudioCaddy organizes Apple devices

Apple HomePod device overheating

iPhone 13 can support reverse wireless charging

Europe warns Apple against using privacy to limit competition

New leaks about the iPhone 13

The Apple iPad Pro uses a 3nm processor

Apple AirTag batteries are easily accessible to children

Apple is developing an iPad Pro model with a larger screen

Apple TV Plus faces the biggest test in history

Apple could make a big low-cost smartphone in 2022

Apple warns of the dangers of installing unapproved apps

Apple App Store threatens censorship in Germany

iPhone Error Disabling Wireless Network

Rumors about Apple M2 processor

Apple can prevent iOS apps from preinstalling

Apple plans to launch its own primary healthcare service

Apple asks users of older iPhones to update

First look at Apple's upcoming iPad mini

The next Apple Watch will measure your blood sugar

Apple imposes stricter limits on legal requirements

Apple under pressure to respond to China crackdown

Apple boosts its Files app against competitors' apps

Apple's small step into a passwordless future

Apple continues to develop self-driving electric car

Apple delays new MacBook Pro until fall

Six-year-old iPhone 6S gets iOS 15

Apple's market value could reach $3 trillion in 2022

Apple will launch smart glasses in 2022

Apple wants to end in-apps scams

Apple launches macOS Monterey

Apple announces new health features for watchOS 8

iCloud Plus from Apple introduces many new functions

Apple iPadOS 15 launched with support feedback

Apple launched iOS 15 with new FaceTime features

Roblox gives Apple $1 million a day

Will Apple Increase Primary iCloud Storage?

iPhone 13 can increase battery capacity

Apple MagSafe can interfere with cardiac devices

Apple employees refuse to go back to the office

Apple develops iPad Pro with wireless charging

Apple strengthens data protection measures for AirTag trackers

Apple tells employees to go back to the office

IPad models could use OLED screens next year

Apple Watch 3 has become a problem for Apple

Apple's M1 has an unrecoverable vulnerability

Apple's success in CarPlay paved the way for automotive ambitions

Apple is fixing the AirPods Pro control issue

Apple plans to redesign AirPods in 2021

Apple is hinting to move to alternative payments

Apple addressed a vulnerability in macOS that could surreptitiously take screenshots

Apple launched iOS 14.6 for iPhone users

Apple employees urge the company to support the Palestinians

Apple: macOS does not meet consumer protection standards

Apple plans to do an overhaul of its Mac computer

Apple announced a series of accessibility updates

Apple is accused of letting China control the national data

Apple is having problems producing the iPad Pro

Apple spends $ 50 million annually on hosting WWDC

Apple prepares to add HD broadcasts to Apple Music

Apple rejected 1 million new apps in 2020

Apple is silent about hacking 128 million iPhone users

Apple refused Microsoft's request to exceed its commission

Apple's Night Shift feature cannot help you sleep

Apple AirTag Tracker has hidden developer menu

Apple defends itself by saying it doesn't want to be an Android

Apple has released a security update for WebKit vulnerabilities

Apple Watch can monitor your blood sugar level

Apple will develop a foldable iPhone in 2023

Apple releases the iOS 14.5 update that Facebook is afraid of

MacOS 11.3 includes an important security patch

Apple is shunning early iPad Pro users via its Magic Keyboard

Apple is pushing ahead with privacy despite opposition

Apple wants to add social functions to iMessage

Apple boosts ad activity while damaging Facebook's iPhone changes

Ransomware attacks against Quanta target Apple

Apple has officially launched the AirTag to track lost items

Apple launches the next generation of Apple TV 4K

Apple announces the all-new iMac

Apple launches the new iPad Pro with the M1 chip

The Apple Car project is making rapid progress behind the scenes

Selling iPhones without chargers saves tons of metal

The iPhone in 2022 will have a 48MP camera

Apple officially announced its Spring event on April 20

Siri reveals plans for an Apple event on April 20

Apple is developing Apple TV with camera and speakers

Apple is grappling with the screen shortage for its upcoming iPad Pro

Apple refuses to testify in the App Store

Apple admits moving iMessage to Android hurts iPhone sales

MacBook and iPad production delayed due to supply crunch

Apple claims to be competitive in the video game market

Apple will release a new privacy policy in the coming weeks

Long-awaited Apple TV appears in tvOS 14.5

Apple wants to use augmented reality to improve conversations

Apple has added more than 30 games to Arcade

Apple knows it's selling defective MacBook Pro displays

Apple provides Russian iPhone users with state-approved apps

IOS 14.5 recalibrates the iPhone 11 battery

Apple is building a solar energy storage project

Apple offers an independent repair tool in the Arab countries

Apple announced WWDC 2021 as an online-only event

Apple objects to paying $ 506 million for PanOptis

Apple plans to release a rugged smartwatch this year

IOS 14.4.2 fixed an actively exploited vulnerability

Apple plans to release a rugged smartwatch this year

Apple is accused of standing in the way of human rights

Apple started a war on privacy with iOS 14

Apple introduced Mac OS X 20 years ago

Apple Mixed Reality glasses weigh less than iPhone

MacBook owners are suing Apple over the keyboard

The HomePod mini has a temperature sensor

Apple is claiming $ 300 million after patent infringement

Why has Apple changed the way the serial number is displayed on its products?

Apple faces a $ 2 million fine in Brazil

Apple plans to release the new iPad Pro in April

Apple offers apps that have been approved by the Russian government

Apple has been required to support its cars for 40 years

Apple discontinued the HomePod smart speaker

Apple is suing former employee for divulging trade secrets to journalists

Apple has greatly overestimated the iPhone 12 Mini order

Apple started producing the iPhone 12 in India

Apple Mixed Reality glasses will be available from mid-2022

Apple wants to hand out podcast recordings to children

Apple no longer sells the iMac Pro

Find My from Apple lets you know if you are being tracked

Apple introduces the features of iOS 14.5 when choosing its Music app

You can use Apple to transfer iCloud photos to Google Photos

The Apple App Store faces a new antitrust investigation

Apple could release iPhone 13 with a capacity of 1 TB

Here how to set up an Apple Watch for your child on your phone

Apple buys a company every three to four weeks

Apple protects the MacBook from incompatible third-party platforms

Apple increases the repairability of iPhone in France

Will Apple hold an event next March? Here everything we know so far

Apple is trying to prevent Silver Sparrow from spreading to Mac computers

Apple has surpassed Samsung to become the world largest mobile phone manufacturer

iPhone 12 helps Apple surpass $ 3 trillion in market value

IPhone 12 Pro Max is promoting the popularization of 5G in the US

Hackers attack the M1 Mac with malware

Steam data is claimed by Apple for over 400 games

Apple develops magnetic battery for iPhone

Apple is negotiating production of the iPad in India

The Apple TV app can be used via Google Chromecast

IOS 14.5 promotes vaccines through emojis

Apple does not need to allow alternative products to the iOS App Store

Apple offers free repairs for Apple Watch devices

Apple electric car doesnt scare your Volkswagen

IPhone 13 may have the Always On Display function

IOS 14.5 blocks IP addresses from being passed to Google

Apple is promoting For All Mankind via augmented reality

Apple is focusing on virtual and augmented reality devices

Due to reduced demand production of iPhone 12 mini may stop

Apple patent describing a non-damaging charging cable

Apple Mixed Reality glasses can cost $ 3,000

The iCloud password arrives on Windows via the Chrome extension

Apple smartphone shipments have reached a record level

Apple has dramatically increased iPad production outside of China

Apple faces a new lawsuit over slowing down its iPhone

Apple developed a new MacBook Air with MagSafe charging

Apple is reducing iPhone 12 mini production to support iPhone 12 Pro

Apple is planning a major redesign of the iMac

MacBook Pro can exit the Touch Bar and bring back MagSafe

Apple fails to overturn the VirnetX patent provision

Apple and Canoo negotiate electric cars

Apple and Amazon suspend Parler Social Network

The Apple Store has sales of $ 64 billion in 2020

Apple wants to wirelessly charge iPhone with MacBook

Apple plans to launch AirTags in 2021

Apple encourages fitness + integration with Apple Music

IPhone foldable mockup passes the durability test

Apple threatens to remove Amphetamine due to its name

Apple took years to ditch a supplier that violated its standards

Apple has removed 39,000 games from its Chinese store

Apple is losing the battle with startup Corellium

Apple may let you change each letter via the keyboard

A leak shows the prototype of the Apple Watch smart

Apple electric cars wont arrive until 2025

Apple has begun sending iPhones to security experts

Apple publishes security tips to protect your data from prying eyes

Apple electric car could debut next year

Due to Corona Apple has closed nearly 100 stores

IOS 14 is available on 81% of iPhones

Apple responds to Facebook criticism of privacy

Apple Watch warns you if your cardio fitness is low

IOS 14.3 brings the best image processing technology to iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max

Apple could launch the 10.5-inch iPad in early 2021

Apple continues to develop autonomous car chips

The Touch ID sensor could return to iPhone in 2021

Apple is making the modem chip that it will take away from Qualcomm

Apple faces a new lawsuit against the popular Cydia store

The leak confirms the release date of AirPods 3 ... Here are the details

Apple has officially announced the launch of the premium AirPods Max

Apple and Cloudflare have developed an Internet Protocol to improve privacy

Apple develops 32-core processors for high-end Mac computers

Complain that iOS 14.2 is seriously draining your battery

iPhone helps blind users

Apple resolves wireless charging problems

Apple is considering a matte black MacBook

Apple replaces a defective iPhone 11 screen for free

Apple allows paid content to be shared in apps with the family

FaceTime calling gets better over older iPhones

Vulnerabilities that allow remote control of an iPhone

Apple could launch a new MacBook Pro in 2021

Amazon and Apple have cut short the new French initiative

Apple wants to improve App Store discovery

Italy fined Apple about $ 12 million for misinformation

IPhone may come with a Samsung Periscope lens

IPad Pro 2021 may contain Apple 5G modem

Touch Bar with Force Touch for MacBook computers

New iPhone 13 leaks affect Samsung ... Here are the details

Some of Apple new Macs have problems with Bluetooth connectivity

A well-known analyst announced the sales performance of new Apple devices

Apple global security chief is accused of corruption

Apple introduces a new fee waiver for the App Store

IOS 15 does not support the original iPhone 6s and iPhone SE devices

Apple allows some of its apps to bypass the firewall

Apple requires strict data protection in Google claims

Apple released iOS 14.2.1 to address some issues

Apple and Microsoft are working together to support Xbox consoles for the iPhone and iPad

Apple accuses Facebook of ignoring user privacy

Apple reduces the commission rate in the App Store to 15%

Google and Apple join the Next G Alliance to jointly develop 6G

Apple is responding to Gatekeeper issues with upcoming fixes

MacOS Big Sur is disabling the old MacBook Pro

5 reasons to buy a new MacBook Pro

Is iPhone 13 battery smaller than iPhone 12 battery?

Leak has revealed Apple plans for the iPhone 13 in 2021

IPhone 12 Mini users are facing problems

Foxconn sees strong demand for iPhone 12

What are the main changes for many users in the new Apple Watch update?

Apple is changing some functions of the new MacBook Air keys 

The Apple iPhone SE may not launch in early 2021

New Mac computers do not support external graphics cards

Apple has officially announced its M1 processor

Apple announced the new MacBook Air compatible with the M1 processor

Apple iPhone 12 Studio lets you design your phone

Will Apple release its long awaited Mac tomorrow?

Apple new Mac can change the PC as we know it

Apple fixed 3 vulnerabilities that were actively exploited

Apple parts are using the iPad in the iPhone 12 Pro

Apple is rolling out the translation feature in Safari in more countries

Apple MagSafe Duo Charger $ 129

The iPhone camera will go through a major upgrade in 2021

Apple asks applications to add privacy stickers to reveal its intentions

Apple could face a lawsuit over naive comments from Cook

IPhone 2021 sales will surpass iPhone 12 for three reasons

Apple allows ordering iPhone 12 Pro Max iPhone 12 Mini HomePod Mini

Does Apple use any part of the iPad to balance the iPhone 12 Pro?

Apple announces a new event on November 10

Because of the patents ... Apple is required to pay $ 500 million

Apple replaces defective AirPods Pro for free

Apple introduces subscribers to a new Apple One bundle

The delay in the launch of the iPhone from Apple led to a loss of $ 100 billion in market value temporarily

iPhone 12 Pro or iPhone 11 Pro? Which camera is the best?

Apple Clips supports vertical videos

Apple is ramping up efforts to create an alternative search engine for Google

Will the iPhone 13 be a foldable phone?

IPhone 12 hides the secret function of reverse wireless charging

Apple iPhone 12 Pro undergoes durability tests ... will it hold up?

Apple warns users about its MagSafe feature. Here are the details

Apple may release new versions of AirPods and AirPods Pro

Apple has no right to reap the rewards of Fortnite

The iPhone 12 dismantling shows how 5G networks have changed everything

With the help of iPhone 12 the development of the accessories industry has been strongly boosted.

The iPhone 12 launch in China has seen short queues compared to previous years

The success of Apple services depends on Google Pay

Apple iPhone 12 comes with headphones in France

Apple is expanding its fast-selling stores as Corona cases increase

Report: Apple remains 1 among the world most valuable brands

Report: Apple initial iPhone 12 order on day 1 surpassed the iPhone 11

Apple announces repair prices for the new iPhone 12

Apple may soon release its first Mac with an Apple Silicon processor

Apple removal of the charger wouldn save the planet it would increase profits

Apple online store is closed before initial orders for iPhone 12 are available

Why does the new iPhone 12 only use 5G when needed?

Free version of Arcade with new Apple devices

Apple officially announces the HomePod Mini smart speaker

The Chinese central bank is calling for the introduction of the digital yuan

Can Apple fix the application compatibility issue on the next Mac computer?

Apple software and services contain 55 vulnerabilities

iPhone 12 - major changes set for Apple

Apple is forcing ProtonMail to change its free app

iPhone 12: New leak reveals price and release date details

Apple is extending the Apple TV + free trial until February next year

Apple T2 security chip has an irreversible flaw

Apple has officially announced the iPhone 12 release date

Apple is using the A12 and A14 chipset to develop the Apple TV platform

South Korea is a priority destination for the iPhone 12

Apple sues a partner for stealing 100,000 products

Foldable iPhone with self-repairing screen

iOS 14 suffers from an old Windows problem

Apple wants to bring the Apple TV app to Xbox consoles

Apple Watch users are having problems with watchOS 7

The iPhone 12 Mini name appears again in the leaked photos

The Facebook events service gets an exemption from Apple

Apple is again worried by European taxes

Replacing Apple Solo Loop shouldn be a problem

According to the new news the iPhone 12 will have four models

Apple critics form a coalition to challenge App Store fees

Update to iOS 14 may remove Fortnite from iPhone

The upcoming iPhone 12 will be available on October 13th

IPad Pro equipped with Mini LED will be available this year

Do you really need to fix your MacBook Pro?

Apple is preparing to open an online store in India

Apple silently retreated from its highest point and lost $ 5 trillion in its market value

The lineup of Apple tablets and iPad Air is getting messier

Apple has officially announced the Apple Watch Series 6 and Apple Watch SE

Apple has officially announced its Fitness Plus fitness service

Apple officially announces a new Apple One subscription service

Apple announces the eighth generation of iPad tablets

Apple officially announced the most powerful computer iPad Air.

The revised Apple Store rules are not satisfactory to Microsoft

Apple is gearing up to launch its highly anticipated Apple One subscription service

Apple is reviewing its guidelines on the App Store to allow game streaming services

Apple begins manufacturing iPhone 5G devices this month

Apple officially announces the unveiling date of the iPhone 12

Apple responds to Epic by filing a counter-lawsuit and claims damages

Will iPhone 12 be released next week?

Apple is investing in the world largest onshore wind turbines

Apple has to pay employees for waiting time

Apple may delay iPhone 12 launch due to delayed shipments of chips from Broadcom

Apple is committed to freedom of media and expression in the new human rights policy

Apple may retire the iPod Nano this month

Apple is postponing privacy rules threatening Facebook and the mobile ad market

Apple continues to see strong growth in wearables

Apple and Google have introduced a built-in notification system to prevent corona

Apple starts running iOS 13.7 with a Corona notification

IPhone 12 comes without accessories and is more expensive than iPhone 11

IPhone sales are stable amid declining phone sales

Augmented reality will be released on Apple TV Plus next year

The first Apple store in the world floats on the water

Apple is paying millions of dollars to correct its unfair practices

Will the iPhone 12 Pro come with a screen refresh rate of 60 or 120 Hz?

Apple apologizes for the free WordPress app

Apple requires Samsung to provide documents to protect itself

Apple: The maker of Fortnite asked us for an exception to create her own game store

Apple is expanding its standalone repair program for Mac computers

Apple may launch the Apple One service pack in October

Apple warns the White House about the effects of the WeChat ban

Apple releases version 13.6.1 for iOS and iPadOS

Apple is removing the Fortnite game from its app store

Apple and Samsung dominate the US market in the second quarter of 2020

Apple shines through the pandemic with $ 2 trillion on the horizon

Apple is accused in Russia of exploiting the dominance of the mobile app market

Apple canceled the Fortnite App Store account

Report: The following iPhone 12 camera lens has quality issues

iOS 14 Beta 4 is now available for developers to download

Apple has released a major update to the iMac desktop

IPhone 5G may not arrive in September

App Store Chief: Apple wants to create a level playing field for developers

Apple sells the Thunderbolt 3 Pro cable for $ 130

Mac computers can obtain Face ID

Leak reveals when to announce the iPhone 12 by Apple

Apple has started producing iPhone 11 phones in India

Apple defends the App Store policy

Apple could launch a more powerful iPad Air computer at a cheaper rate

IPhone 12 battery disappointing

Apple begins experimental production of AR lenses

Apple issues important warnings to MacBook users

Apple may soon launch its first Mac computer with Apple silicone processor

Apple launched the first beta of iOS 14

IPhone 12 is coming with OLED display no charger and headphones

The report confirms that the next Apple iPhone 12 Pro will support images with better performance

Macbooks may get glass keys

This year, the iPhone may not have a charger in the box

IPad 10.8 inches will come this year

The report shows the price of the iPhone 12 4G model expected from Apple

Apple promises to improve iPad games

New Apple computers will not support Windows through Boot Camp

IOS 14 gets a new home screen with widgets

Apple officially announced the new Apple Silicon processor

Apple has closed some stores in the United States

When can you see Apple foldable iPhone?

Apple is revamping its AirPower wireless charging base

Apple faces antitrust investigations in Brussels

Consumers spent $ 500 billion on the Apple App Store

Apple makes it easy to buy an iPad or Mac without interest on Apple Card

IPhone 12 adopts new design similar to iPad Pro

Apple plans to close iBooks Author and iTunes U

Apple officially sets WWDC 2020 developer conference

Apple is ready to announce the decision to use ARM processors on Macs

Apple soon offers interest-free installments for iPad and Mac

iPad Air 4 11-inch display and USB-C connectivity

IOS 14 supports all iOS 13 compatible devices

New leaks confirm that the Apple Watch SERIES 6 will not include a micro-LED display

After the theft Apple has temporarily closed its store in the U.S

Apple doubled the cost of the MacBook Pro storage upgrade

Apple started selling renewed copies of the iPhone XR

Apple launches iOS 13.5 with two features Corona

Apple bought NextVR for $ 100 million

Apple plans to launch AR glasses in 2022 according to a new report

Details specifications and prices for the next release of the iPhone 12 series

Will the iPhone 12 Series get a 120Hz screen refresh rate?

Apple supports its upcoming 5G augmented reality glasses

The expected specifications of the next series of Apple iPhone 12 phones

Apple sets the first date for the Corona developer conference

Apple has filed a new patent that allows you to change messages sent in the iMessage app

Apple Watch shows a deficiency of ischemia of the heart muscle

How Apple U1 chip can change iPhone forever

Apple has announced a new version of the MacBook Pro

Tim Cook: iPhone SE is faster than the fastest Android phone

The upcoming Apple Smart Watch may add anxiety monitoring

Apple iPhone 12 is cheaper than you think

Apple releases new updates to its support app

Report: Apple will postpone mass production of upcoming iPhones

Some iPhone SE parts can be replaced by iPhone 8 parts

Apple: There is no evidence that the email app vulnerability could be exploited on iPhone and iPad

The third generation of AirPods will be available in the first quarter of 2021

Apple offers iPhone SE in 40 countries at these prices

Mac 2021 computers coming with Apple-made ARM processors

New leak reveals Apple iPhone 12 future

IPhone 5G phones face delays with iPhone SE Plus release postponed

Apple IPhone SE Plus 2020 will be available later this year

The leaks show Apple 2020 product range

Apple plans to launch 3G AirPods and MacBook Pro in May

Apple New Feature Extends MacBook Battery Life: How To Use It

The leaks indicate Apple move towards fully wireless design on iPhone devices

Why did Apple stop producing small cell phones?

Leak reveals the expected design of the iPhone 12 Pro Max

Apple reopens its stores, beginning in Korea

Apple developed a new feature to extend MacBook battery life

Apple develops a removable and customizable luxury headset

IPhone SE does not have a custom U1 GPS chip

Apple announced the end of iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus

Apple Mac Pro wheels are more expensive than iPhone SE

The new Apple A12Z processor is actually the same as the previous A12X processor

Apple launches a website and explains how Corona affects user activity

Apple shipped 2.5 million iPhones in China in March

One of the benefits of Apple Maps that Google Maps must copy

Bloomberg: iPhone 5G has a design similar to iPad Pro

Apple has released an updated version of the world  most expensive computer

Apple can allow applications to be tried without installing them in iOS 14

Apple produces 1 million health workers mask every week

Apple allows select employees to develop their next product at home

Apple steals one of the most popular weather apps on Android

Does Apple add Touch ID for its smart watch?

Apple launched the new MacBook Air with faster performance and improved keyboard performance

Apple launches new iPad Pro with unprecedented scanner

Apple expects iPhone sales to grow 10% next year

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