Is artificial intelligence superior to humans in managing employees?
Is artificial intelligence superior to humans in managing employees?

Millions of people around the world feel oppressed in the workplace. This injustice can be due to exhaustion, lack of appreciation, or other reasons. Some people may think that replacing managers with artificial intelligence and algorithms does justice to the work environment.

Artificial intelligence can indeed replace human managers, especially thanks to the so-called computational management. In this case, employees are assigned tasks automatically and rewarded according to their performance.

Reality differs from expectations, as research has shown that managing by AI algorithms and techniques does not lead to better results.

Managing employees with artificial intelligence

Research has shown many results. One aspect is the human hatred of management by artificial intelligence and algorithms. On the other hand, management by algorithms works more for small, scattered businesses than for continuous jobs.

Some platforms rely on similar technologies. One example is the Uber platform, which relies on real-time data collection, continuous driver monitoring, rating systems, and many other factors that connect drivers with the right riders.

On the other hand, Amazon relies on similar systems to manage the work of employees in huge warehouses. It also relies on monitoring and data collection techniques.

According to the examined research, the management system, through algorithms or the use of artificial intelligence in general management, enhances some key processes such as monitoring, goal setting, performance management, planning, reward and even termination of contracts with employees.

The above studies included a total of 45 studies demonstrating the main effects of management algorithms on the main effects of decreasing diversity and skills required, decreasing autonomy at work, and increasing job insecurity.

The lack of diversity is clearly reflected in a study published in 2017. The work of nurses who visit patients at home is monitored. These nurses need to put the tasks they perform into a dedicated application.

Based on these tasks, they are paid and they cannot add any tasks other than the tasks predefined in the app.

On the other hand, people who work freely and set their own hours suffer from lack of independence. However, it turns out that they still need to log into the system in order to gain access to the higher-earning companies. In addition, management algorithms in the areas of bus and transport vehicle travel severely limit the role of the driver.

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