Instagram creators looking out the back door
Instagram creators looking out the back door

Thousands of users around the world use Instagram as their main source of income. These people's accounts are having issues that could prevent them from continuing to operate, so they will do everything they can to manage their accounts.

Instagram bans dozens of accounts every day for many reasons. Under these accounts there is a ShagMag account owned by an influencer and influencer. The account was banned for posting inappropriate content and violating Instagram and Facebook rules.

The account holder said she tried to contact Instagram more than once to appeal the decision. However, the platform did not respond to this.

Recover a banned Instagram account

More than one influencer on the platform has faced similar issues, and as we mentioned above, many of these influencers are primarily dependent on the platform. Losing your account means losing your livelihood.

After several attempts, the suspended account holder was able to contact the person who was able to restore their account. As mentioned earlier, this person is connected to a Facebook admin, and as far as we know, Facebook owns the Instagram platform.

That person told him he could open his account and restore it completely or restore his personal account, which was also suspended, for $65,000 and 2.5% of his company stock. He also signed an official contract with her from a Florida company.

Internet celebrities rejected this suggestion. Overall, this isn't the first time we've heard about users' ability to recover locked accounts or pages. Perhaps these people are more adept at recovering suspended accounts for porn or drug advertising purposes.

Many locals claim that they can recover banned accounts, although a large portion of them cannot claim that it is just a scam. However, the source confirmed that someone can do it.

An influencer and content creator on the platform said that these people exist. And the suspended Instagram account can be immediately restored for a sum of money, and this incident appears to have been well-known and widespread in the community of content producers.

Facebook said through its spokesperson that the company will be severely punished if it learns that employees have used their authority in such behavior. However, the company has not denied or confirmed that it was aware of these behaviours. She also stressed that content creators must abide by the platform's posting rules.

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