Prevent smartphone overheating
Prevent smartphone overheating

All smartphones face overheating issues, especially during the hot summer we are currently experiencing.

However, some users have mishandled the phone overheating which can cause permanent damage to the phone.

For this reason, we have compiled a number of tips to help you protect your smartphone from high temperatures.

Avoid using smartphones in hot places

While this trick seems a bit logical and need not be mentioned, it is often overlooked by some users.

The use of a cell phone in direct sunlight or for long periods of time is one of the main reasons for its overheating and the possibility of damage.

This is because heat travels quickly through contact. So if you keep your phone in contact with a hot surface for a long time or in direct sunlight, the phone's temperature will rise sharply.

You should use your phone in a well-ventilated and convenient place and not leave it indoors or in hot or hot places often.

You can avoid frequent use of your phone in direct sunlight and hot weather.

This means that you should avoid your phone's camera, GPS sensor, or wireless internet connection as your phone can heat up and add additional costs.

The phone should not be used while charging

Some people use their cell phones while charging. While this is acceptable in the winter, it becomes disastrous in the summer.

This is because when the cell phone is charging, the charge is transferred from the wall socket to the cell phone, which increases the temperature of the cell phone.

When used, it is additionally stressed and consumed, which can lead to permanent damage to the circuit.

It can also cause explosions and burns to users, which happens to all businesses and most smartphones.

If you plan to use your phone while charging, avoid using fast chargers as they will increase the temperature of your phone.

Don't try to lower her temperature too quickly

There are some tips on social media platforms that suggest users put their phones in the fridge or in water to cool it down.

But even if the phone is waterproof, this method can permanently damage the circuit.

This is because the rapid cooling of the phone case and the rapid dissipation of heat permanently damage heat sources (such as the device case and battery).

If the phone is made of glass, you may find that the phone cover is damaged or the battery is expanding a lot due to rapid cooling.

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