PUBG developers are working on a huge art project
PUBG developers are working on a huge art project

PUBG has been a huge success in recent years. Especially after the launch of the smartphone platform, the Korean company Krafton may be known for developing this game, but it is currently preparing for a huge project.

After obtaining the license, the company is preparing to produce a fantasy art series here based on the Korean novel "Tears of Drinking Birds."

The project is internally called "Project Windless" and is being carried out by the company's Artistic Director, Kwang Jae Son, and designer Iain McCaig, who have contributed masterpieces such as Harry Potter and Star Wars.

Windless project from developer PUBG

The company is currently designing the first artistic logo for the series. According to McCaig, a Korean friend recommended participation in this project. I got his attention a lot.

The difference between "Tears of Drinking Birds" and other fictional works such as "The Lord of the Rings" or "Game of Thrones" lies in the emphasis on Korean folklore.

McCaig and Jay Son are currently working on conceptualizing the novel in preparation for the project. Undoubtedly, transforming the textual content of the novel into visual content is very difficult, it requires great imagination and excellent skills.

According to a statement, the two are still in the process of producing technical prototypes for the series, which is expected to be completed by the end of 2021.

This series will rely on a large number of artists, writers, and directors willing to make it a complete series, not just a piece of work.

The Windless Project isn't limited to movies and TV, especially for companies like Krafton. It is planned to become a full game in the future.

In addition, the new series will take a different path from the PUBG games. The game will come out of the artwork and not the other way around. The company is also looking for a model of success.

Perhaps the most successful game based on literary works, especially novels, is The Witcher series by Polish game studio CD Projekt RED. The interesting thing about "The Witcher", however, is that these novels only became popular after the game series itself became popular, not the other way around. The series of original novels also belong to Poland.

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